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Nov 5, 2012 09:25 AM

Dining Alone in Vienna

I earlier requested advice from this board re my visit to Vienna with my daughter, and, as a result of all your assistance, have plans to dine with her at Poschl, Vestibuhl, Sacher's Rote Bar, and Walter Bauer, which I opted for instead of Freyenstein. Additional question for you, Sturmi (and anyone else who cares to weigh in, of course): my plans have changed and I will be arriving in Vienna a day ahead of my daughter; I will therefore be dining alone that night, and would be curious as to whether you would suggest Entler or Freyenstein as being more welcoming to the solitary diner; in that vein, I enjoy dining at the bar when alone - do either of those two restaurants offer that option? or is there another restaurant you would recommend for my solitary dinner, particularly given the other meals I will be enjoying? Thank you again for all your help.

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  1. Just to give you a few hints:
    Entler is a neighbourhood restaurant, the food is excellent, the atmosphere is very casual, but the crowd will be made of larger parties, no single diners.

    Freyenstein is more chowhound-like, the restaurant is very small and looks run-down, not in an artficial way, it is really that old and has not seen any renovation. Service is fast and very helpful, and the food is a real exciting trip through 8 different dishes of high quality and small volume.

    IMHO you might enjoy Freyenstein more, since it is more likely to entertain sinlge diners once in a while than Entler. You might more easily feel lost at Entler. But I might be wrong, of course...

    For dining at the bar there is one sure spot: Wein&Co. Yes, it is a noisy and crowded wine bar, but the food is excellent (cusine by Christian Petz). And you ail easily get accepted by the bar crowd, although you might find they are more your daughters age...

    Of course you could also go to Gasthaus Pöschl, which is offering food at the bar as well, and it is worth going there twice !!