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Nov 5, 2012 08:36 AM

Curry and BBQ Plu$ (El Monte)

great service. didn't care for the hainan chicken rice...but the beef stew is EXCELLENT (highly recommended). Roast duck is good too.

We went right before closing, so a bunch of stuff were gone.

Owner graduated from PPC, went to MN and came back.

9567 E. Garvey Ave, Suite #1 & 2, South El Monte, CA.
(626) 279-6854
Today 7:00 am - 8:00 pm

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  1. I just got the 2 delicacy for lunch, curry roasted duck and char siu. I gotta admit it was pretty good. Their cut of char siu is smaller so there was more flavor than the typically larger cuts i get from sam woo. The curry roasted duck is interesting, I can't really tell if there's curry, it just seems like a more flavor intense version of roasted duck. Unfortunately, it was quite empty when I went at lunch time (12pm) and they appear to have already run out of a lot of meats? (there weren't many meats hanging) Will go again.

    edit: nvm i was eating the part of duck without curry, I have gotten to the curry part of the curry roasted duck now and it tastes quite interesting. or maybe like what you'd expect it to taste like. still tasty

    1. The curry roasted duck continues to elude me.

      I'm still really digging the pho ga here, the curries are all very well portioned at $8 or so, and the people are very nice. Johnny L reported a fantastic cha siu, and I will give a big shout-out on that BBQ item as well, even though I'm absolutely not a cha siu fan.

      Was told the curry roasted duck is only avail half duck ($9), contrary to what jasogg06 reported above. Bums me out.

      1. Was there yesterday and we had the pho ga and 2 item combo (roast duck + roast pork). Loved the chicken and broth in the pho ga, but the roast pork was definitely the winner. Perfect combination of crunchy, fatty, and meaty.

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          I definitly missed out on the roast pork and pho ga

          I just got back from singapore, and they have some chinese bbq that rivals even hk! The fatty char siu (which i hate @ sam woo due to it generally being a chewy flavorless mess) was bbq'd to a point where the fat was extremely flavorful and almost crunchy in some areas, it was also cooked to the point where none of the fat was chewy, and nearly melted with each bite.

          I hope that the chef here is able to keep his quality high. I realized that one of the problems many chefs face is that the quality of their food tends to fall with time, especially in LA where life is relaxed and there isn't much competition (vs being a chef in asia).

        2. Went to get lunch today, curry and bbq plu$ has closed and is now ruby bbq food. They were renovating last week, I guess this is why. They still have bbq, but the menu is much much smaller. Will update after I eat.

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            Yet 101 + Guppys continue to expand. We let this happen. First bebe, now this. '13 is a pile of suck so far.

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              I got the three delicacies with roast pork, roast duck, and char siu... Unfortunately they gave me some stir fry chicken side dish instead of char siu because they "didn't hear me specify which 3 meats" even though I did, and in Cantonese.

              Anyways, the roast pork was actually pretty good, crunchy skin, tender meat, edible fat (as opposed to chewy/rubbery). The roast duck wasn't bad, par for the sgv. Will try char siu next time I guess, but so far it doesn't seem to be the standout that curry bbq plu$ was, especially since their menu is tiny now.