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Nov 5, 2012 07:53 AM

Kalamata on Lakeshore- Unbelievably Terrible

Upon reading good reviews on the brunch, I was beyond disappointed. After a beings seated we were freezing. I don’t mean a bit cold....FREEZING. We realized that everyone in the restaurant had their jackets on. We were seated by a massive window with an incredible draft. We asked to be moved. The waitress with blonde curly hair was unwelcoming and slow moving. She did not help us with moving tables. As other customers watched, we moved all our cutlery, plates and condiments to another table. With 3 tables, she lollygagged and took forever to do anything and didn’t seem to pay attention to anyone at all. This server clearly hates her job. Who can blame her?
The restaurant itself is creepy. This place is weird. It’s goddy and has a strange vibe to it. The decor is completely dated. It’s as if you can tell that it’s had its day in the sun and should have closed down in the 90’s. So depressing.
On to the food. Poached eggs were raw. Slimy mushrooms and unmelted cheese. The worst home fries I’ve ever eaten. Frozen tiny tater tots with buckets of seasoned salt on them. My friend’s gyro meal was inedible. Pre-packaged square previously frozen gyro meat. Also, insanely salty. For a Greek restaurant to push frozen gyro meat is really disgusting. It came with a limp salad and cold potatoes. The gyro platter came with a tiny dot of tzatziki and no pita was anywhere to be seen. It cost $14. Our meal was very expensive (almost $30 with tax and tip) considering how terrible everything was. This was undoubtedly one of the worst restaurant experiences I’ve had in Toronto.

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  1. That's a very strange experience. I order from them at least once a month and have been recently for brunch (within the last two months) and didn't find the same at all. They have excellent dolmades with house-made sauce. I suppose it's possible they changed chefs in the last few weeks.

    What do you mean by the decor is creepy and 'goddy'?

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        re: goddy

        Or perhaps the OP is referring to murals of various Greek gods? Quite a few Greek restaurants in TO choose the Greek mythology theme when it comes to interior decor.
        The restaurant doesn't look gaudy to me, but I've eaten in a dozens, if not hundreds, of Greek restaurants, so it's quite possible I'm desensitized.

        food face, just so you and your guest are not disappointed in the future, most Greek restaurants in Toronto, and especially outside of Toronto, serve the frozen gyro meat you're talking about. If you're not eating at Messini, Louis Meats, Maras, Kalyvia (if I recall correctly) or Folia Grill, you're probably going to get either shaved pre-frozen gyros meat, or pre-frozen "bricks" which are cooked on the grill. The freshly-stacked gyro is the exception, not the rule, when it comes to gyros in Canada.

        If you don't see a rotating spit with stacked meat when you walk into the restaurant, you're probably going to be getting the pre-frozen type of gyro. Some people don't mind the pre-frozen type of gyro. If you don't like it, and you're at a restaurant that doesn't have a rotating spit in an open kitchen, order the souvlaki.

        1. re: prima

          Hi Prima. LOL!! I meant gaudy (thanks CanadaGirl!) Yea, Usually the rotating spit of processed gyro meat is all I expect from a Greek restaurant. The frozen salty preservative ridden "bricks" I have eaten, all at bowling alleys or places not really specializing in Greek food. If they were actually good tasting bricks, I probably wouldn't even have mentioned it. We literally couldn't stomach the food and we were starving. French Soda, I can't see anything there being home made! But I know that the place has their fans. Literally every corner was cut. Gordon Ramsey needs to do an overall of that kitchen nightmare.

          1. re: food face

            Well, it's certainly possible the food has changed since I've been in the past few months, but I have to agree with Prima. Creepy and gaudy are a bit much. Looks like a fairly typical Toronto-Greek restaurant to me.

          2. re: prima

            I'm not sure this got its due... "goddy"... prima gold!