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Best Steak You've Had Not at a Steakhouse

Hi, looking to have a great steak at a restaurant but would like a more diverse menu for those who want other options.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Locanda Verde has a steak special that is amazing, but I dont know if there is a way to predict when it is on the menu. Morandi has a great steak, and a diverse menu.

    1. Craft: the 30day dry-aged Porterhouse with bone marrow and Bernaise is fantastic.

      1. Babbo's grilled ribeye for two is pretty awesome. Finished table-side with aged balsamic vinegar.

        Also Craft has a fantastic rib eye with bone marrow for two; or a sirloin with bone marrow for one.

        1. Landmac has a good steak and great alternative options.

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            I also recently had an extremely great rib eye steak on bone at Landmarc in the Time Warner Center!!!

          2. Cote de boeuf for two at Minetta Tavern

            bistecca fiorentina per due, Morandi

            1. Minetta Tavern, cote de boeuf.

              The one at Craft was good but the portion of bone marrow was pretty small.

              I also love the various beef options at Takashi but it's not the place to go if looking for a diverse menu.

              1. Craft, Babbo, and the CdB at Minetta Tavern would be my easy tops. That said, they're all "for two" dishes, so have a (hungry) eating partner in tow.

                1. Cote de boeuf for two at Balthazar. I think it is the same as Minetta Tavern's, and it is DELICIOUS!

                  Before you order the steak for two at Locanda Verde, ask the price. It was a special the night we ordered it and we thought the server said it was $50. It was $50 per person, not total. Was it a $100 steak? While it was good I think Peter Luger's, for one, was better, and cheaper.

                  1. Excellent suggestions and duly noted on the steaks "for two." Thank you, all!

                    1. One more: the ribeye at Momofuku Ssam Bar. Comes with a bowl of the drippings from cooking.

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                        Good call on that - forgot theirs. It can be very expensive, though, depending on size (which varies)

                        Also, while I haven't gotten around to trying it yet, the steak at Marc Forgione comes highly recommended by a few - again, it's a steak-for-two, so have a partner in tow.

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                          Had this again on Sunday, 48 oz for $120, I think. Came with a bowl of drippings. Roasted shallots and whole cloves of garlic on top. Fried tofu with pickled fennel and thyme salad on the side. So good.

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                            Just out of curiosity.... is that meant to be for two? I mean, god I love steak, but 48 oz. would be impossible for me alone. Frankly, anything over 16 oz (and that's a struggle).

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                              We had three people, and ordered only the pickle plate and some oysters to start. The 48oz figure includes the bone, too, I believe.

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                              A fan of almost everything Momofuku Ssam here. Thanks for the report. Now, I can't wait to try that steak.

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                              Since you mention Momofuku, i'm wondering how the steak is at Ma Peche. Did you ever have steak there?

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                                Not for a while, we usually go for a different option within the large plates, like the duck or the pork chop.

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                                  I went and saw the large dish beef was a skirt steak rolled up. So i passed on it. Had the huge pork chop. was very good.
                                  They have a new sweetbread small plate which is fantastic.

                            4. The steak that often (usually?) is on the specials menu at Gotham Bar & Grill is amazing. It's also $80 (maybe more).

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                                totally agree...and the marrow mustard custard.

                                1. craft's ribeye
                                  momofuku ssam's ribeye
                                  minetta tavern cote de boeuf

                                  1. Unfortunately the answer to that is Masa for me.

                                    On a more practical level, you might want to look into the Ribeye for 2 at the Dutch.

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                                      2nd The Dutch. Had an awesome strip steak there. Minetta has been mentioned a few times as well, and rightly so.

                                    2. I would go for a steak for 2, and split it with a friend. There are a lot of great ones at non-steakhouses in the city -- chief among them:

                                      - Resto, cote de boeuf, aged 56 days ($120)
                                      - Perla, ribeye, aged 56 days ($95)
                                      - Tertulia, prime rib, aged 40 days ($92)
                                      - Craft, ribeye, aged 30 days ($125)
                                      - The Dutch, ribeye, aged 28 days ($125)
                                      - The Darby, tomahawk steak, aged 28 days ($99)
                                      - Minetta Tavern, cote de boeuf ($140)
                                      - The Standard, ribeye ($65)
                                      - Red farm, rib steak ($40)
                                      - Rye, ribeye ($1.95/oz)
                                      - St. Anselm, axe handle ribeye ($1.85/oz)
                                      - Momofuku Ssam, rib steak (MP)
                                      - The Cannibal, steak du jour (MP)
                                      - Diner, steak du jour (MP)


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                                          Finally tried the 40 day aged, 40 oz prime rib at Tertulia. Delicious! Flavorful. Their wood-burning grill adds a little bit of magic to the crust.

                                        2. takashi - U.S. Kobe Marbled Chuck-flat Steak (6oz) $30...really good

                                          1. Had a great NY Strip at Cesca last Monday. This topped the steaks I've had over the past couple of months at Sparks, Strip House and Capital Grille

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                                                Cote du Boef for two, Minetta Tavern

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                                                  I sort of consider Costata a steakhouse.

                                                  Love Costata. Regardless of how its labeled as a restaurant.

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                                                  I would still recommend Minetta, Ssam, Tertulia, Resto, and Craft. The Breslin is on our list to try.

                                                  Check out some of the great reporting here, with many steaks not found in steakhouses but regular restaurants: