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Nov 5, 2012 07:27 AM

Best Steak You've Had Not at a Steakhouse

Hi, looking to have a great steak at a restaurant but would like a more diverse menu for those who want other options.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Locanda Verde has a steak special that is amazing, but I dont know if there is a way to predict when it is on the menu. Morandi has a great steak, and a diverse menu.

    1. Craft: the 30day dry-aged Porterhouse with bone marrow and Bernaise is fantastic.

      1. Babbo's grilled ribeye for two is pretty awesome. Finished table-side with aged balsamic vinegar.

        Also Craft has a fantastic rib eye with bone marrow for two; or a sirloin with bone marrow for one.

        1. Landmac has a good steak and great alternative options.

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            I also recently had an extremely great rib eye steak on bone at Landmarc in the Time Warner Center!!!

          2. Cote de boeuf for two at Minetta Tavern

            bistecca fiorentina per due, Morandi