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Nov 5, 2012 07:06 AM

Found a source for Duke's Mayo & Wolf brand chili

Some have posted about having trouble finding Duke's outside the South. I happened to go into a Family Dollar store the other day with a friend who shops there- to my surprise, it isn't a "dollar store" at all, more of a small general market with household items and a food aisle. Anyhow, out of the corner of my eye I saw a familar-looking yellow and black label and yes. it was Duke's mayo. A bit further down, there was Wolf chili on the shelf too. Also a couple of other guilty pleasures I hadn't seen around here in the Northeast, like Sweet Sue chicken & dumplings.

I checked online and the chain has thousands of branches nationwide. So for those who've been missing the taste of Duke's, it might be worth seeing if there's one near you, too.

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  1. Here in Berkeley, CA, the Grocery Outlet store had Wolf Chili for over a month earlier this year. They had the regular and the no beans varieties. I believe it was last weekend during Sunday night football that I saw a TV ad for Wolf on our local NBC station for the second time this season, so maybe they are going national.

    I liked the Wolfs, but it was too salty for my blood pressure.

    1. Duke's, a true delicacy here in the South, is readily available at
      2 pack of 32 oz. jars $16, includes shipping

      1. I've seen Wolf's chili both at my local Walgreens and Walmart. I'm in So. CA.

        1. I get Duke's at Harris Teeter.

          1. In Massachusetts, Duke's is a regular on shelves at the ubiquitous Dollar Tree stores. The jars are tiny, but the quality is great. I've seen Wolf Chili there as well, but it's hit or miss.