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Nov 5, 2012 06:56 AM

Best apple cider donuts in CT?

It may be a smidge late for this question, but where can I find the best apple cider donuts in CT? I want them to really have that apple cidery taste. I find so many just taste like donuts. I'm not as into the fritters, too much fry.

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  1. I like the cider donuts at Lyman Orchards, Middlefield, not just cinnamonny, but cidery too. Hard not to walk out of there without a tasty treat of some sort. I just tried the donuts from Belltown in Glastonbury...a good cider donut (maybe it was called "apple donut?") as well as a pumpkin donut. Good stuff

    1. Hickory Farms, Cheshire, CT.....

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        the chain, beefstick (RIP) people?!

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          Nope. Maybe I got the name wrong, could be Hickory Hill Farms...Rte. 70 I believe, close by where Bishop Orchards was.....

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            I grew up with Rogers so naturally they hold a special place in my heart. I worked there one Autmumn season back in the 80's and there's nothing like eating there right out of the cooker.
            I also like Lyman's

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              Where is Rogers? I think I fell through the fence into the pond once when I was there as a kid.

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                Never mind just found it online. I did fall through the fence down the rocks at the Sunnymount location.

                My grandmother brings apple cider donuts down to MD every thanksgiving. I love to dunk them in milk. She used to being a coconut custard pie as well but once left it in the hot sun of the back window of the car and my dad said it went rancid. He couldn't figure out how my mom and gramma never realized it for the two days they ate it before he came home. They said "now that you mention it it does taste a little off". We still laugh about that one 15 years later.

        2. I like the apple cider donuts at Rogers Orchards in Southington. Been the same since I was a kid. Also if you go, I recomend trying the Fuji apples, they are usually available starting in Nov.

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            Love the cider donuts at Roger's, been buying them for years. Thanks for the tip on the Fuji apples.

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              I prefer the cider donuts at Lewis Farms (corner of Meriden and Belleview Aves. in Southington) to those of Roger's.

          2. Try B.F. Clydes cider mill in Mystic

            1. absolutely Lyman Orchards apple cider donuts - the best!