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Nov 5, 2012 05:14 AM

So I have these boneless short ribs, and am thinking about making fajitas...advice?

I was thinking of using Robb Walsh's fajita marinade (pineapple juice and soy sauce), and then putting them out on a charcoal grill low and slow. I was so sure I saw a bunch of recipes for short ribs and and now can't find any.

Walsh suggests slicing it thin and grilling over direct heat. i would think that would make this cut really, really tough.


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  1. and this has more referrals.

    I think it would be tough as well, but I seldom make short ribs. Recently made Molly Stevens and liked it.
    In case you want it:

    1. I would imagine the recipe for fajitas is with skirt or flank steak. I'm sure they would be delicious with short ribs, but you'll have to cook them until they fall apart, I'd think. I do that a lot with brisket or roasts. So, maybe you wouldn't get real fajitas out of it, but more of a slow simmered shredded beef mixture to put on tortillas? You could still grill some onions and peppers quickly on high heat to get closer to the fajita taste, and you can use all of the same toppings.

      1. Koreans barbeque short ribs (Kalbi) all the time and it's delicious and tender. With the right marinade it would be fine for Fajitas. Secret is to cut them VERY thin and to sear them over a hot grill quickly. They will toughen if you try to grill them low and slow (for tough meats and a lot of seafood, it's either very fast or very long cooking).

        If you follow general technique for kalbi (substituting a different marinade...unless you want to go with the korean BBQ taco-style that so many LA food trucks are selling), you can't go wrong.

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          The real trick is marinading the beet with kiwi.

          1. re: smtucker

            Kiwi is a good tenderizer. Green papaya (blended) also makes an amazing meat tenderizer, but I use this as a marinade for larger pieces of grilled meat (like tandoori-style). I've never done it on a thinly sliced cut before...

            1. re: smtucker

              Kiwi may be good for Beets but Traditionally, if fruit is used at all, it is done with Asian Pear for Kalbi.
              Just joking about the Beet typo and I am sure Kiwi works as well and is used by some.

              1. re: chefj

                All the Korean chefs I have chatted and studied with use Kiwis. Not sure why.... but, I will try an asian pear sometime to compare. Always love to expand my options!

                1. re: smtucker

                  Research thread from (hannaone).....he gives detailed recipes for marinades with fruit for Korean style grilling.


            2. re: keith

              Interesting - as that is exactly what the cookbook says. i had never heard of cooking a tough cut hot and fast......

            3. Not trying to talk you out of your idea, but thought I'd mention that my favorite thing to do with short ribs is to braise with Dublin Dr Pepper (now it will have to be whatever the corporate bullies have substituted for it, once I run out of what I have on hand ...), molasses, and onions. I started making this after having a dish of this name at Dean Fearing's restaurant and being disappointed. I thought I could do better ... and did. Totally yummy. These have been on my mind as the weather starts to cool a bit here ... it's almost time.