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Nov 5, 2012 03:59 AM

Lunch near Miami seaquarium?

Visiting from CT. Any good lunch spots relatively close to Miami Seaquarium? No preference on $$ or type, just something good. We've got two kids with us.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Not sure if the new Exit One located on Key Biscayne is open for lunch but I would look into. Close and great chef. If not, I would recommend Lokal in Coconut Grove (casual with great burgers) or you can do Edge Steak & Bar @ the Four Seasons. They have good lunch deals and also close to the Key.

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    1. This is a good place for Italian with the family just east of the causeway to Key Biscayne.

      Another option is the Cantina place in the Ritz Carleton on Key Biscayne. Really really nice setting. Food pretty good but expensive, It's the Ritz after all.

      Edit - Exit One doesn't appear to be open for lunch. Their dinner menu looks wonderful though. I am excited to try this place in December.

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      1. I've had some great meals at Boater's Grill in Bill Baggs State Park. Their whole fried fish is excellent. If you let the ranger at the gate know you're going to the restaurant, you don't have to pay to get into the park. (Disclosure: I know the owners of the restaurant, but I would recommend it regardless.)

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        1. Having been to Seaquarium with (other people's) kids, I can say that everyone comes out hot, tired and hungry and not in the mood for anything fancy or far. If you are in that situation, consider Oasis Cafe (cuban), Donut Gallery (no donuts just B/L closes early, counter service only), or maybe the recently redone Rusty Pelican (haven't been but may be a distraction if kids can eat outside)....all on way back to Miami, inexpensive, fast and easy.
          We tried to drive into the park at the tip of Key Biscayne for Boater's Grill but it was a weekend and ranger said we had to pay entrance fee.

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            Wondering if any Chowhounders have been to the "New Rusty Peilcan"? I have searched but no feedback thus far.

            And I think that by inexpensive you were referring to Oasis and Donut Gallery, not the Rusty Peilcan right? Just to clarify for the OP.

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              Yes, EWB. Oasis and Donut Gallery are downright cheap and surroundings reflect that. RP menu is still inexpensive compared to Cantina at RC where fajitas or fish tacos are $30 each at lunch. Haven't been to RP and don't know anyone who has, just thinking of what is nearby and not a fast food chain.

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                  I came accross this helpful link I've stopped at la carreta on Sundays after my outbound leg of my bicycle ride. Family friendly

          2. A Key Biscayne Italian born friend with kids recommends Puntino. Also, for something casual and inexpensive, Argentine standby Patagonia has an outpost. Last, if you like the hotel culture, the Ritz-Carlton is pleasant if pretense and a touristic vibe don't put you off.