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Nov 4, 2012 09:04 PM

Kid friendly restaurant good for large group in Brooklyn

Coming to NYC over Thanksgiving week and looking for a spot in Brooklyn - near Park Slope area - that can accommodate 10-15 plus some kids and is good for a group of foodies on a Sunday. Pizza is great - casual is best. Any ideas please? Thanks!

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  1. Peppinos on 5th Ave near 10th St. in Park Slope is kid-friendly and suitable for large groups.
    Good brick oven pizza, salads, pastas and very casual.

    1. We usually go with Faros(Greek) for large groups with kids. Its on 7th ave btw Union and Berkeley. Plenty of room, great for kids but with good food. Most good pizza places usually cant handle a group that size though Anthonys in the South Slope (also on 7th ave) can though theyll probably put you at two tables.

      1. There are many choices that are kid freindly in Park Slope since Park Slope is the hipster breeding ground... La Villa on 5th Ave & 1st St. Great Italian and Pizza, Bonnies Grill also on 5th Ave. great burger & wings (kids menu). There are many places on 5th Ave., 7th Ave. to choose from

        1. La Villa is a good choice since it's a large space, although it has kind of a suburban feel and the food is good but nothing great. Bonnie's is a good spot too but like most places in the area it will be too small for 10-15 people plus kids. Two Boots is always an option for big groups and especially kids but food is better at La Villa.