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Nov 4, 2012 09:00 PM

How is Mort's Deli still open?

I live in Golden Valley. I love this area as its quick access to downtown and some gems on the north side (Travail, Victory 44, among others). I truly love a good sandwich and more importantly pastrami.

I have now gone to Mort's 6 times (darn you stupid local deals) and to be honest only one time have I had a sandwich that is not dry or tough. The chips (while I commend them for not just buying store brands) are generally unseasoned and overcooked.

Is this place staying open solely on daily deal websites? I want so badly for this place to be good, but its just meh. It's usually not that busy (tonight at 6 it maybe had 8 people inside). It must be take-out orders or something that keeps the lights on.

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  1. I've only been there twice, but left underwhelmed both times. Then again, I grew up around NYC delis, so I have a pretty high bar the locals need to reach. I suspect Mort's gets by on a lack of local competition and selling some items (H&H bagels, etc.) that are not easily found elsewhere.

    1. I also tend to use the daily deals when I go to Morts. We have had excellent wings, tender and juicy, well seasoned (we prefer them plain, with no sauce to cover up things). The mushroom swiss burger is also a favorite. When it gets really cold I know I will go for the Kentucky Hot Brown sandwich which is the definition of comfort food.

      Morts seems to do most of its business at the lunch time. Most of the time in the evening the restaurant is usually not too full.

      1. For a Minnesota deli (a pretty sad comparison group), they're good. I think their matzoh ball soup is actually very good, and I generally like their soups and sandwiches. They have a broad enough menu to appeal to many folks.

        1. I went once. Had a club sandwich and a cookie. The cookie was underwhelming. The sandwich was ok (good bacon), but too freakin' big. I get that a good NYC deli pastrami sandwich is the size of a minivan, but the club sandwich was large mainly because of the middle slice of bread, which was somewhat dry. For a $16 lunch (which admittedly was about 2.5 lunches worth) I can get better.

          1. Just checked out Mort's website and found this message:

            Starting November 12th, 2012, Mort's Will be closing at 7:30pm nightly.

            I guess that it is lunch that provides most of their business.