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Nov 4, 2012 08:46 PM

Poutine cheese curds

I am back in Montreal for a visit from the States
and would like to buy cheese curds to make poutine to bring back

I cannot find a place back home that sells delicious montreal cheese curds
and would like to take some back with me

now my flight pretty much takes all day so the cheese would be sitting in my bag for over 10 hours
but I did notice that grocery stores never store their cheese curds in the fridge anyway

Does anybody know if it will be okay to have poutine cheese curds sit in my luggage for half a day?

Also, any suggestions on the best cheese curd i can find?
or is it all the same anywhere you go?

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  1. put them in your checked luggage instead of carry-on, it's colder there. they will travel fine.

    curds are best same-day fresh, but they do keep in the fridge for a few days. let them come back up to room temp before you make your poutine. St. Hubert sells a half-decent canned poutine sauce in grocery stores for in-home consumption.

    St. Fidele, Mirabel, Boivin are a few good brands that supply grocery stores.. just check the dates on the bags and get the freshest ones, they all taste basically the same to me.

    1. there's a specialty store in Outremont on Van Horne,

      they sell fresh curds daily

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        If I remember correctly, they just sell St-Guillaume cheese, which is available everywhere in the city.

        You should not have any problem finding same-day fresh. They're available in any regular grocery store and even in some d├ępanneur... I would not recommend keeping them in the fridge though, but maybe that's just a preference... don't like the taste even if you bring it back at room temperature.

      2. I know the value of bringing something home from a trip, but when you run out, would the Achadinha Cheese Co. have them?

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        1. re: porker

          Thanks for the responses guys!
          That was very informative.

          Porker, I recently moved to Southern New Mexico and have not had time to change my profile location.
          In california, there were plenty of places to get cheese curds.
          In NM, not so much....
          I have regular montreal trips though so I will start getting my cheese there

          I do appreciate the responses guys