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Nov 4, 2012 07:37 PM

Shark-fin free dim sum in Vancouver or Richmond?

I'm trying to organize a small holiday get-together for a class, and we're hoping to enjoy some dim sum together. I'm a vegetarian, and content with the standard veggie options (rice roll with mushrooms/doughnut stick, fried sesame balls, steamed vegetable dumplings), but I can't stand the thought of supporting a place that serves shark fin (soup or otherwise).

I've done a ton of searching, and it looks like nearly every well-recommended spot (Kirin, Fisherman's Terrace, Pink Pearl, Sun Sui Wah, etc.) serves shark fin, at least according to this website: I've also tried scrolling through the recommendations on the boards and then downloading menus, but to no avail.

Does anyone know of a dim sum spot that refuses to serve shark fin products? Good vegetarian options and cart service are a plus, but a simple lack of shark torture will do!

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  1. Floata has come down firmly against the finning trade and struck shark fin off the menu.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      I guess the group the OP provided a link to will need to update their site as Floata is currently first on their list. Sounds like it's only been a week or so since Floata made the announcement formally but that they've been eschewing the product for a while before that.

      I'm not a fan of the food at Floata but it does appear to fit the OP's no fin requirements if you believe the Shark Truth site linked in Sam's post.

      I note that this year's Shark Truth contest winners announced their prize at the Szechuan Chonqing on Broadway, which is also listed as serving it on the OP's link. So tough to get the real story, but I'd hazard this Chonqing over Floata for the OP's event to get better quality food (still not stellar IMO).

      1. re: grayelf

        Wonder if there'll be a burgeoning underground industry producing imitation shark fins ? ;-)

        1. re: LotusRapper

          There already is.

          Long before the ban.

      2. re: Sam Salmon

        Thanks for the tip! I remember hearing about the controversy, but I hadn't heard the update about Floata. I'll go ahead and send an e-mail to the Shark Truth website asking them to update their list as well.

      3. I've had a great meal at Floata in Vancouver..
        Love that its across the street from Dr Sun Yat-Sen garden.

        1. Do you want dim sum at a place that is taking a stand against serving shark fin... or are you ok with one that happens to not serve it?

          Good Choice has been recommended on and off on this board. They're not listed on the website you quote... though my guess is they don't sell shark fin more because they're a small venue that probably can't afford to stock it rather than because they are taking an active stand.

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          1. re: twinkienic

            You could say the same for great places like Long's that serve some dim sum. I appreciate the post, madelion1. I've been on the hunt as well. I've been curious about some of the vegetarian dim sum places, like Whole Vegetarian on Main. Anyone have recommendations or disclaimers?

            1. re: twinkienic

              I'm perfectly comfortable with them being apolitical; I just don't want to give money to a place that profits off shark fins. I'll take a look at the Good Choice menu along with Floata's, and if anyone can think of anywhere else that might be a good bet, feel free to keep passing the tips along!