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Nov 4, 2012 06:42 PM

Brilliant Chinese Restaurant - CLOSED!!

Just a short Heads-Up:
One of Markham's better Chinese Restaurant - 'Brilliant' is closed!! Rumor has it that either the Casa Imperial or Casa Victoria group will take over and convert the place into a 'high-end' place?!

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  1. Interesting! Casa Imperial and Casa Victoria are high-end restaurants controlled by the same group, but they also operate lower end restaurants like Full House at Midland and Finch in Scarborough. Wonder if the somewhat "competing" Crown Princess/Prince group might also be in the picture.

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    1. re: T Long

      Yes! CI and CV, same group but two different female bosses?!!!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        Ha Ha. Unless there has been a very recent change, that's not consistent with the hearsay info that I've heard about the Casa and Crown groups. It would be great if the Chinese food industry was more transparent in the identity of chefs, managers and owners of restaurants as they move around like most of the industry. Not the Chinese way??

    2. that sucks. it was our go-to place for peking duck- and celebrations for my boyfriend and i....

      anyone have a recommendation for somewhere similar?

      1. just want to say I tried out dim sum the new restaurant that took over and it's mediocre to bad. too much MSG in the food and flavours are off. I had a headache the whole afternoon because of the MSG.

        This is depressing because the old Brilliant was my favorite place for dim sum because they don't put a lot of MSG in the food.

        Anyone can suggest a nearby place that does dimsum that is light on flavour and light on MSG?

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        1. re: orick

          Head over to Spring Villa on Woodbine and Steeles. Claim their Dim Sum to be 'sans MSG'. Quality is good! Owner of Maple Yip often frequent there offers insurance!!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Thanks Carles. I just tried today with a co-worker. quality is pretty good. I am pretty sure there is still MSG in the food though, especially the siu mai and the tripe. Don't have a headache but am pretty thirsty afterwards.

            Flavour is still a bit strong for my taste. Overall not too bad but not as good as Brilliant. I guess I will have to keep looking.

        2. anyone know where the Cook from Brilliant is working now??