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Nov 4, 2012 06:36 PM

DIning near Churchill Hotel?

Philadelphia foodie will be in DC later this week, staying/working at the Churchill Hotel. Looking for moderately priced dinner options Wednesday and Thursday. Thanks!

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  1. I love the savory waffles at Locolat at 18th and Florida. My favorite are the pesto waffles topped with escargot, but the carbonnade and the grilled vegetables are also winners.

    Just north on 18th from there, Casa Oaxaca has some really good moles.

    Mintwood Place is a mighty fine bistro with a French chef at 18th and Columbia..

    1. If you don't need quiet, Bistro du Coin is fantastic and boisterous.

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        I second Bistro Du Coin, especially on a colder night. It feels like a real French bistro.


      2. "pesto waffles topped with escargot"

        I'm intrigued.

        Regent Thai around there ain't bad.

        1. Two more to consider, not sure if location and price work for you but you can look them up and decide.

          New Heights
          2317 Calvert St NW

          Pizza Paradiso
          2003 P Street NW

          1. If you like wine, would suggest a flight at Veritas at FL and CT aves. Very close to your hotel. There are a zillion reasonable and good places in Dupont near you... Kramerbooks, Thaiphoon (i think) and i second paradiso pizzaria. You might also like Urbana in the Palomar hotel.