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Nov 4, 2012 06:28 PM

The Prince and The Pauper, Woodstock, VT

My husband and I visited The Prince and The Pauper last night for my birthday dinner. We had high hopes, as the reviews are all generally good, and some of the locals told us it was supposed to be the best in the Upper Valley. Boy were we disappointed...

The best way to describe this place is so-so country club-type food. The lamb entree that is supposed to be supreme, was heavy, a bit chewy and generally not that good. The appetizers were generic - the duck spring roll was hardly better than anything from Not Your Average Joe's. The ravioli appetizer was dull and basically uneventful.

Finally, the service was so-so at best. It took a while to get a menu, to get from salad to entree and to get a second glass of wine.

I am not sure what people see in this place. It is a quaint setting in a beautiful little town, but a bust by almost ever measure.

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  1. too bad about your experience, we are here in Woodstock now and were thinking about going. Thanks for your honest review. Hopefully someone on staff will read it and improve upon it.

    1. Wow-your review is a shocker.
      We never miss going to P&P when we are in Woodstock(about 5 times a year).
      We've never had a bad meal there,the service,at the bar where we always eat,,is always top-notch,and the staff is very friendly.
      I hope you took the time to talk to the owner,who is always there,to tell him about your poblems there.
      We've seen and talked to him and he strikes us as the kind of person who would have "made it right" for you.

      1. Meh I hear what you're saying-- P&P used to be stellar now it just seems average. Listen, next time you're in town do yourself a favor and book a res (way in advance!!) at Pane e Salute. It's so, soooo worth it. Why? Classic, rustic Italian osteria by people who know food, love food, and love Italy (I'm pretty sure they make a trip there every year). Been multiple times and I am never disappointed. A true gem.