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Nov 4, 2012 05:45 PM

Cocktails and soft Music

Looking for a place with an easy-going atmosphere, soft music, maybe R&B / smooth Jazz, for Cocktails, possibly Appetizers / light Dinner (not a must). Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe areas all ok. Any suggestions and all info is welcomed and much appreciated :) Thank you!

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  1. Unfortunately what you are asking for is just so not Phoenix as you can tell from the scarcity of responses.

    1. Here are a few that might fit the bill -
      Wright's bar at the Biltmore resort. It's a lounge area off the lobby outside of the restuarant itself. They have a large glass wall that opens up when the weather is nice, serve appetizers, and I've caught some decent jazz music there a few times. There is also a piano there, but I've never heard anybody playing it.
      The bar at Mastro's City Hall Steakhouse in Scottsdale has a seperate bar area and depending on the day of the week that you go, it might be what you're looking for. I've only dined at the restaurant a couple times and there was always a lounge singer and back up musicians. The bar area itself can turn into a real meat market scene on weekends with no shortage of gold-digging women and middle-aged men on the prowl for surgically enhanced young ladies. It's significantly more bearable on weekday evenings.
      I frequent the bar ar Durant's. No live music, but great drinks, relaxed atomosphere with an old school vibe, and great appetizers/food. You can also order dinner at the bar if you want. The bar itself has 15-20 seats and there are about 4-5 tables for full service dining that are also in the bar area.
      The Jade bar at the Santuary resort. The place has an unbeatable view and great drinks. I've never caught any live music there though.
      Christopher's Crush lounge is a pretty small place and doesn't really have RB/jazz. There has always been a DJ when I've been there, but the atomosphere is pretty relaxed early in the evening.
      There are several other places around, but I think most of the lounge-type places that you're looking for will be attached to a resort or at least a fine dining restaurant. As far as the lounge within a resort places go, you might want to look into the Buttes in Tempe, The Pointe Tapatio Cliffs, the lounge at Camelback Inn outside of BLT, etc.

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        I would have been more likely to recomend Warren's, Bobby C's or Club Central but doing so reminds me of those who recomend Carolina's. Do you really want to recommend Carolina's to a visitor? This is not New Orleans and these are not "Neighborhood Restaurants" that serve food comparable to fine dining in many cities. Carolina's is a dirty dump that actually serves great food but to send a visitor there is an insult to both the city and to the visitor. Phoenix offers some great things but please, soft Jazz/R&B lounges are not one of them. Resort lounges or, heaven forbid, Mastro's during Cougar Season, surely must rate as a destination to avoid at all costs.