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Nov 4, 2012 04:38 PM

Raleigh - Briery Creek area?

We'll be in the area on Friday evening. Any suggestions for a memorable meal?

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  1. Angus Barn, a well known steakhouse, is a couple of miles away.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. We're not huge beef eaters....any other ideas? I do see that they have seafood on the menu.

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        I love the Angus Barn, too. At the very least go early enough to have a cocktail and snacks in the Wild Turkey lounge if nothing else.

        I don't know if you would call it memorable, but I do very much enjoy sushi at Tasu. Other than those two restaurants, my limited experience in the area tells me you are in the middle of a chain-restuarant-mecca.

      2. PS - from that direction, you aren't far at all from Durham and all the fantastic restaurants down town. One of my very favorites is still one that has been there 20+ years: Parizade.

        1. I live close to Brier Creek and never eat dinner in the area. I've never felt there's much to recommend there. If you like Indian food, there's Sai Krishna Bhavan just one exit down on 540. Very bare bones decor and location, but great vegetarian Indian food. Even if you were a heavy meat-eater, you wouldn't miss the meat.
          Thinking about 54, you're also not far from RTP and there are some nice ethnic choices there. I don't know if anything in the immediate area qualifies as especially memorable and some places in the Park aren't open for dinner. I'd second the recommendation to consider Durham. It's closer than you think.

          1. Brier Creek is pretty much equidistant to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. You can be in any of these places in less than 20 mins (if traffic cooperates), so I wouldn't feel limited to that area, which is the land of big box stores and (mostly) chain restaurants. Given that, if you can throw out some ideas of what you would consider memorable (e.g., is it fine dining or funky or hole in the wall, etc?) and what your price point is, then the electronic horde can give you some better recommendations.

            1. You are also not that far from the Umstead, while pricey probably one of the better restaurants in the area