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Raleigh - Briery Creek area?

We'll be in the area on Friday evening. Any suggestions for a memorable meal?

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  1. Angus Barn, a well known steakhouse, is a couple of miles away.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. We're not huge beef eaters....any other ideas? I do see that they have seafood on the menu.

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        I love the Angus Barn, too. At the very least go early enough to have a cocktail and snacks in the Wild Turkey lounge if nothing else.

        I don't know if you would call it memorable, but I do very much enjoy sushi at Tasu. Other than those two restaurants, my limited experience in the area tells me you are in the middle of a chain-restuarant-mecca.

      2. PS - from that direction, you aren't far at all from Durham and all the fantastic restaurants down town. One of my very favorites is still one that has been there 20+ years: Parizade.

        1. I live close to Brier Creek and never eat dinner in the area. I've never felt there's much to recommend there. If you like Indian food, there's Sai Krishna Bhavan just one exit down on 540. Very bare bones decor and location, but great vegetarian Indian food. Even if you were a heavy meat-eater, you wouldn't miss the meat.
          Thinking about 54, you're also not far from RTP and there are some nice ethnic choices there. I don't know if anything in the immediate area qualifies as especially memorable and some places in the Park aren't open for dinner. I'd second the recommendation to consider Durham. It's closer than you think.

          1. Brier Creek is pretty much equidistant to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. You can be in any of these places in less than 20 mins (if traffic cooperates), so I wouldn't feel limited to that area, which is the land of big box stores and (mostly) chain restaurants. Given that, if you can throw out some ideas of what you would consider memorable (e.g., is it fine dining or funky or hole in the wall, etc?) and what your price point is, then the electronic horde can give you some better recommendations.

            1. You are also not that far from the Umstead, while pricey probably one of the better restaurants in the area

              1. My thanks to everyone for the suggestions and information. We decided to change our plans slightly, so are just looking for a decent, not necessarily memorable, meal at this point. We bought the Today Show deal for Restaurant.com certificates last year, and still have a lot of credit left on that, so are looking in that direction now. We found Sawasdee Restaurant and Bar which looks like a reasonable Thai place. Anyone know?

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                  I'm a huge fan of Sewasdee. Yum yum yum! More often than not I go to the small, hole-in-the-wall location on Capital Blvd vs. the larger, nicer one on Glenwood, but I think the quality of the cuisine is the same. For Thai, you can't go wrong with Sewasdee!

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                    While we love the original on Capital - I have to admit that the one time we went to the Glenwood Avenue location, it was atrocious. The service was awful - as was the atmosphere. That was a couple of years ago. But I can't imagine going back.

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                      Morning! Well -- the one on Glenwood used to be a Chinese restaurant if memory serves me, so that has a little something to do with the interior, but while dated I didn't see it as atrocious. I've had dinner and lunch both at the Glenwood location and don't recall either being bad service in the least. I am just not on that side of town enough to go to that location regularly, but I sure hope it hasn't deteriorated since I've been there (I guess about a year ago?). GaKaye - I'm sure you'll have a delicious time! I never had a bad meal at either location. Happy traveling!

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                        It wasn't the decor...... the blaring TVs that were showing Nancy Grace covering the murder of a child was one thing that had a negative effect on the atmosphere. The worst thing was the service, though. If I recall correctly, we were never offered a second drink, and one of our dishes - perhaps a starter - didn't arrive until we were all finished. The table next to us received a chicken dish - not the vegetarian dish they'd ordered. This was at least two years ago - but as you can see, if made an impression.

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                          *mehhhh* Nancy Grace ....

                          That's awful you had such a bad time; I ate at the Capital location yesterday for lunch and it was top-notch as always. I hope things are better for GaKaye upon her visit!

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                      Well, that's good news! Our certificate is for the location on Glenwood, so hopefully the service and atmosphere will not be as bad as the next poster experienced a couple of years ago.

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                        I just provided an updated response above. But I do point out that it was at least
                        two years ago. I have to believe that things have improved since then, although I personally have no inclination to try and see for myself. :-)

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                          I certainly do appreciate your input, and also do hope that things have changed in the past two years. We'll be eating there tonight, so I'll report back..

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                      The crispy fish with sweet chili sauce is amazing. Unlike other places they use a whole fish. It's one of the most beautiful, tasty dishes I've had.

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                        So we did eat at Sawasdee, and it was good. I had the seafood Panang, and my husband had the King's shrimp. At first my dish didn't seem spicy enough, but it caught up as I ate. The atmosphere was ok; we had a nice corner table. The TV was on, but muted, so the sound was not a problem as another diner had mentioned they experienced. The only hitch happened when we presented our Restaurant.com certificate and were told the minimum was $50 without alcohol. It's kind of hard to spend that much for dinner for two in a Thai restaurant without including the alcohol, and nothing on the certificate indicated that restriction. When I pointed that out to the waitress, she went back to the register and rang it up. If we lived in the area, we'd probably go back for a casual meal if we were in the mood for Thai.

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                          Ugh! I hate those "rules" that suddenly appear out of nowhere when you use certificates. One place informed me it was for dine-in only, but no where was that written on the certificate. I finally wore them down arguing with the cashier then the manager and then someone else. Of course by the time I got my food home, it was cold after all that --- but I won in the end. Hope the rest of your trip was swell!

                      2. AN and Herons aren't that far away.