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Good Eats and MNF Near Intercontinental Nob Hill

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Hi all, I'm headed out to SF tomorrow morning for a business trip and am really not too familiar with the local dining scene. I'm staying at the Intercontinental Nob Hill (1 California St.) and could use some dinner advice. I love trying out local "celebrity" chefs when I get a chance but ideally would like a place with a bar and a TV that I could hunker down at to watch Monday Night Football while still enjoying great food. Budget is around $75 all-inclusive.

Thanks much for any advice!

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  1. Sadly, I think that great food with a television isn't a combination well-known in San Francisco - especially from the "celebrity" chef status.

    Which is your preference? Great food or a sports bar where you can watch the game? Because you have within walking distance some fabulous restaurants (Barbacco, Perbacco, Tadich Grill, Wexeler's), but I can't think of a single place with great food that has a television...

    Maybe others will chime in.

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      You never noticed the TVs at Barbacco?

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        Barbacco actually does have TVs -- it's probably the best food-with-tv in the city. Be sure to tell them when they seat you that you want to watch the game, though.

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            Thanks everyone!

      2. The bar at Lers Ros in Hayes Valley has TVs which was a great boon during the Giants' playoff run. So some of the best Thai food in San Francisco has a TV at some seats.