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Nov 4, 2012 01:55 PM

Very Basic Chicken Liver Pâté?

I hate throwing away the liver when I cook a whole chicken (I add the other giblets to stock). And I love a nice chicken liver pâté, but I never remember to plan ahead, so I don't have any specialty pate ingredients on hand, just a chilly, jiggly liver waiting for me to figure it out. One liver doesn't make a tremendous amount of pâté, so it would end up being a casual kitchen snack anyway-- for me and anyone who's helping.

So, what's the basic formula for liver pate? Butter, garlic, black pepper? Fry, then mash? What do you do with one lonely chicken liver?

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  1. Only one liver, I would boil or saute....then eat with a dip in soy sauce or sprinkled with salt.

    Making a bunch....schmaltz and onions included to your list of ingredients.

    1. Very down and dirty; saute with a bit of chopped onion (optional). Don't overcook - just past pink. Salt, pepper, a bit of mayo. That will work with pantry items.

      1. I throw each lonely liver into a bag with other lonely livers already in the freezer. When there is a whole party of formerly-lonely livers in the bag, I make myself a small terrine. For paté, I blend the raw livers with some pork fat and aromatics making a fine paste. Then it goes into a water bath until done.

        I don't really have a recipe. I review other pate recipes just before making, and grab inspiration.

        1. If you "love" a nice chicken liver pate, why not just buy a pound & make one? I don't know where you're located, but around here I can buy a pound of fresh chicken livers for less than $2.

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            I guess it's a combination of enjoying pâté, and not wanting to waste the liver that comes with the chicken-- my life is a little too harried at the moment for pâté-making to be its own independent agenda item! And I'm not sure anyone else in my family really likes it as much as I do-- so I think it's destined to stay a last minute cook's bonus, at least for now. But I'll keep it in mind ... Thanks for the tip.

          2. This is excellent - I can't remember if I'm allowed to post links to recipes or not.... so I guess this may be deleted -
            It's by Mark Bittman from the NYT

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              This sounds great-- minus most of the spice mixture and brandy, I just made this. Thank you!