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Nov 4, 2012 01:27 PM

Some place special near St. John the Divine?

Taking my husband to a concert at St. John the Divine next Saturday for his birthday. Any recommendations of some place nice to eat beforehand in the neighborhood? We open to really any cuisine. Thanks for your help with this.

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  1. imo, there is nothing birthday-worthy on the entire UWS...but Boulud Sud (about 40 blocks south) could be tasty...or if he likes Indian, then Indus Valley is fairly close (quite good Indian when i went several years ago, but not somewhere i'd normally rec unless someone had to be in that location and particularly loved Indian food)...

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      Check out Lido on Frederic Douglas blvd. Have had a couple of very nice meals there. I believe there is a new chef and haven't been recently but the dinner menu looks quite good!

      1. re: keving

        I went to Lido a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. There are a lot of places on Frederick Douglass Blvd in the one hundred teens and twenties. I haven't been to Zoma, a few blocks south of Lido, but have heard it was good.

        It's a beautiful neighborhood. If the weather's fine, hopefully you'll have time to walk around a bit.

      2. re: Simon

        Sadly, I agree with Simon. Perhaps Dovetail, 77th between Amsterdam and Columbus. I like Vareli, Broadway and 111th, but don't think of it as a special event destination.

        1. re: americanafan

          For the OP, it would help to give your preferences on budget, vibe, etc...people's idea of a nice bday dinner can vary widely...

          for example, if it was me and i had to be in that area, i'd prob want to eat Senegalese food in a divey place in Harlem on my bday...

          1. re: Simon

            Which Senegalese dive would you recommend?

            I've only had drinks at Lido, but they were awful. Don't think they're destination or special occasion worthy. Zoma down the block is great (but not necessarily for a special occasion either). I haven't been to the newish sushi place, but besides Zoma, the only other place I'd recommend on FDB is Levain for cookies

            1. re: rose water

              I personally love Le Baobab -- but it is quite simple/grungy and there is no alcohol. However the whole fish (costs like 15 dollars including sides) and lamb are yummy and the staff very sweet...this would be an ultra lowkey nontradtional-choice :)

      3. See if you can get a reservation at Red Rooster (but you probably can't).

          1. re: LittleWave

            I would be sadly disappointed if my spouse took me to Community for my birthday dinner. Over priced, barely serviceable food, terrible service.

          2. Pisticci, LaSalle between Broadway and Claremont. or Community which someone else mentioned and which is louder and can be packed with families on the weekends).

            1. Just wanted to thank everyone so much for your responses. These were all wonderful choices, and we actually went with a place that a friend recommended Kefi on Columbus Ave between 84-85, see A nice Greek place that was really reasonable, felt celebratory (it was packed! But not in an awful way - we still got a quiet-esh table) and the food was delicious (highly recommend the grilled octopus app!). Thanks again for your help.

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                I tried Kefi recently and was pleasantly surprised. Good choice!