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Nov 4, 2012 12:35 PM

Pleasantly surprised by brunch at Ducali, North End

I didn't have high expectations for Ducali's brunch, but had been meaning to give it a try. Turns out the Pizza Ducale is superb: the perfect amount of rosemary, slightly chewy cheese (which I like), Italian-style bacon, sliced potato on a thin, crisp crust. Really genuine. I could have grazed my way half the pie, no problem. The fritttata was less of a hit - sort of soggy but the peppers were pleasantly sweet. The home fries that accompanied it were another knock-out: the best I have had in many months, maybe all year. Very simple (just a shake of salt to season) and freshly cooked for not-too-long, served hot and crispy: just perfect. Appreciated the rustic sourdough bread accompaniment which was a big step up from the usual bread offered in the N. End. It's seems like a humble spot that's trying to do something simple very well. Kudos!

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