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Nov 4, 2012 10:25 AM

Reservations Twelve Folks Casual

Greetings and Thank You. We have fallen behind in our duties and are seeking to make resies at a casual (meaning dress code) place for 12 people, this upcoming Saturday the 10th All food styles (except poor), price points, and areas of town are open. Thank you.

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  1. Your request is way too broad and takes in about 30+ restaurants...except for the 12 part.

    Must you all sit at the same table? If so pick a few places, call, and see who wants to take a party that size.

    Also, there have been a few previous questions in the same vein. Sitting between 10 and 20 is about the same problem and some places don't have staff set up for that unless it is in a separate room.

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      Thank you collardman. I hear you on your problems with the question. Have checked the board for previous inquiries and had done everything you suggested...was fishing for places folks have liked....

    2. Cochon would be my first try, but I doubt you'll get in on this short notice. Other spots that you might be able to get into are Palace Cafe, Bourbon House, Redfish Grill, Mr. B's, Nola, Muriels. None of these have stellar food, but they're good, and most importantly for your purposes they're large restaurants. They're all what I'd call upscale casual. I wouldn't wear a t-shirt in any of them, but since they're in the quarter they've seen it all. How casual are you talking? We don't have a lot of real casual places that take reservations for 12. You might try High Hat. I love that place, and it's off the beaten path so you might have a chance. There's also jacques imo's and frankie and johnny's. Not real crazy about the food at either, but they're serviceable. At this short notice, beggars can't be choosers. One more to try is Domenica. Good luck.

      1. Mondo in Lakeview might work well.

        1. We have hosted up to 16 at G W Fins, in the FQ, and their dress-code is casual, within reason. The basis is local seafood, done with many local recipes, and they have either a large table in the main dining room, or in their private room. The price-point is what I would typify as "middle-of-the-road," with mains in the US $ 15 to $ 30 range.

          Some on this board do not give G W Fins any love, but that is their personal choice.

          We have dined there, since they opened, and as a couple, or hosting 6, 12, or 16, and have never been disappointed. I would guess that we've dined there maybe a dozen times, including for a culinary event, and have never been disappointed.

          I also enjoy their B-T-G wine list.