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Nov 4, 2012 09:48 AM

Thanksgiving Dinner Options in Austin?

I'm going to be in Austin for work the week of Thanksgiving this year. My company has graciously offered to fly me home the day before Thanksgiving (despite the airfares being outrageous), but I'd really rather not deal with the long security lines, packed planes, etc... Instead, I've decided to spend the holiday in Austin and fly home the day after, when airports are normally pretty quiet.

Will plan to spend my day relaxing, and maybe taking in a couple of movies (I'm assuming that most of the Austin movie theaters will be open). But I'd also like to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner, either at a dine-in establishment or something that I can take to go (either from a restaurant or if there are any local markets that have really great pre-cooked dinners that I can just warm up).

Does anyone have any recommendations? I'll be located in NW Austin, but I'm not at all averse to driving downtown or south of the city.


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  1. My husband and I have a tradition of going to Din Ho on Christmas and watching all the whole pigs go out the door. I would imagine it's about the same on Thanksgiving, too.

    1. I go to Ho Ho and it's always awesome but very packed, go early. Also we did Hoover's one year, the food was good but the portions were incredibly small. If I were you I'd scope out a BBQ joint that does turkey. We got a smoked turkey from the Mueller mothership in Taylor and it was awesome. I'm sure they are taking orders already.

      1. Trio at the Four Seasons will have a Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. It will be expensive (less than airfare home) but very good. They may be sold out by now.

        1. It's a little early for 2012 list. Should be hitting here in a week or so.

          Here is a list of 2011 places that were open. Repeat 2011......

          Here is a very good list which includes hotels from 2010:

… Check back later at They will do 2012 soon

          My favorite is Threadgills. There are two. One on North Lamar and one just across Lady Bird Lake from Downtown Austin. Here is their website:

          Yes, movies will be open everywhere. Enjoy.

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            Thanks, folks. Trio is, in fact, sold out. I've asked to be put on the wait list. I'll keep my eyes open for update from the Austin Chronicle. Thanks again.

          2. Bar Mirabeau on west 6th is doing a 3 course prixe fixe for around $30 from 1 pm to 9 pm. The menu looks interesting.

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              I just spoke to somebody at Stiles Switch. They are selling smoked turkey breasts for $50.00. I'd prefer a whole turkey but it's worth calling around if that's what you want.