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Nov 4, 2012 09:36 AM

Overnight Layover in Rome

I have a 17 hour layover in Rome, and want to make the most of my evening there. My flight lands at 4:40 and leaves the next morning at 9:55. My hotel is near the river in Trastevere, so I would like to stick to restaurants there, around the old city (Forum/Colloseum) and possibly the Vatican. I am most interested in eating porchetta, gelato, cacio e pepe, and pizza. My budget is not very high but I want to take advantage of being in Rome. Also, any walking tour recommendations would be great, but I will be there on a Monday in December so I am not holding out a lot of hope. Thank you!

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  1. here is a link of great meals under €10 from Cibando (it is in Italian - but the addresses should be easy to decipher)

    Er Buchetto near Termini is a great - cheap spot for some Porchetta.Via del Viminale, 2F

    Check with Walks of Italy or Context travel about walking tours. They work all year long!

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      Wow, thanks so much for the links and information. The more things I can try, the better. :)

    2. as far as your walking goes, by the time to factor in your travel time to/from the airport from your hotel, you will really just be there for an evening - isnt that right and it will be dark. I think walking (or taking a bus, easy) from where you will be over to the campidoglio - which looks out over the forum - and wandering, back , stopping at the pantheon, piazza navona, the Campo di Fiori and a few churches along the way ( Santa Maria Aracoeli on the Campidoglio, the Gesu, St, Maria Sopra Minerva, say) will give you a flavor for the city physically. If you dont have $ to pay for a walking tour, there are plenty of resources. to guide you in that way.

      As far as eating goes, we have always had great Roman meals at Armando al Pantheon, which is between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, their cacio e pepe (as well as other roman pastas and meats (lamb, etc) is very good, their quality is high and price reasonable. You can also buy hunks of the piazza rosso or bianco (more like focaccia than classic pizza) to walk around with from the the two "fornos" in Campo dei Fiori; also, depending on where you are in Trastavere, we had some good things (focaccia, bread, etc) from Renella on via di Moro 15 which is pretty much open all day, but views on this Board and elsewhere vary wildly.

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        I really appreciate the recommendations! That sounds like a great walking course, though I will have to at least wander by the Colosseum. And sounds like a great dinner, too. I am leaving Istanbul in the afternoon and plan on only having some lentil soup before I leave room to save room!

      2. If you happen to be over in the Monti neighborhood at lunch time, (near the Forum) L'Asino d'Oro has a great fixed lunch menu for 12 Euros.

        Gelato you've got lots to choose from. Gelateria del Teatro just opened a branch on the Lungotevere, just up from Ponte Garibaldi. I love Pica, off Via Arenula for their pistacchio.

        Porchetta: definitely visit the Norcineria in campo de' Fiori.

        My favorite cacio pepe is at Perilli, but that's over in Testaccio, so you might not feel like going there.