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Black Rose any good for breakfast?

Will be staying at the Long Wharf and want a breakfast place, close-by. Just regular eggs, sausage (bangers), bacon....nothing spectacular, but a short walk.
Any comments?

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  1. Don't know anything about Black Rose except that I'm a little scared to eat anything out of their kitchen. I'd take a walk over to Anthony's in the north end, 5 minutes.

    1. I'd say that Black Rose isn't good for anything, breakfast included.

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      1. Not many decent non-hotel options for breakfast near there. Max's Deli, on Milk St. at the corner of Batterymarch, is fine for a cheap, basic breakfast.


        1. Might not fit with what you're looking for, but if you walk over to Dewey Square (near South Station) you'll find one of the Clover food trucks serving breakfast. Excellent coffee and an interesting array of offerings.

          Location info: http://www.cloverfoodlab.com/?page_id...

          1. I love Clover for lunch but find breakfast to be a very limited, not so great menu (that lukewarm, soft-boiled egg making up the breakfast sandwich is a real turn-off for me). A little bit further (10-15 min walk) will get you to Flour on Sleeper St. for a real breakfast treat, and Sip in Post Office Square is also really good, usually with a quiche of the day and a warm pressed breakfast sandwich special.

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              I love that $3 breakfast sandwich at Clover, perfect soft boiled egg, ripe tomato, and sharp cheddar on a nice pita.

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                Second that. Pretty much my ideal breakfast sandwich. Love the popovers too. The Clover muffins I cannot stand.

            2. How is the breakfast at North Street Grille these days? That used to be a chow hound fave many moons ago.

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                DRATS!!! Max's Deli only open Monday thru Friday. The menu looked like just what we were looking for! Too bad we'll only be there Sat/Sun. Boo hoo :-(

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                  North Street Grille still good, can be a tough wait on the weekends.

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                    I think it has gone down hill, but this is based on dinner.

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                      really? I haven't had a burger from there in a while but I assume they couldn't possibly change that much.

                      Definitely referring to breakfast/brunch though. I still vote Anthony's as the closest, casual, cheap breakfast for the OP.

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                        It was a true neighborhood gem when Michael Scelfo (now at Russell House Tavern) was the chef in the early/mid 2000s. I believe that there have been two chefs since Mr. Scelfo left.

                        The last time I was there (about three years ago), the chef spent more time outside smoking and talking to bar patrons than cooking. My risotto arrived with chunks of unmelted cheese. Additionally, the silverware was not clean.

                2. Anthony's (very casual) or Aragosta (higher end), both on Commercial St. (Aragosta is on Battery Wharf at the Fairmont off of Commercial).