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Nov 4, 2012 06:51 AM

UK London Fresh Lobster sources / seasons?

I've never really been big on Crustaceans but perhaps cooking Lobster at home would be interesting.

Where can one buy live Lobsters in London (and what time of year are they in season?) Where in the UK do they come from?

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  1. I think most lobsters are landed in the south west and I'd assume that any decent fishmonger would have them readily available or be easily able to get you one. If that proves difficult, then a quick Google confirms that most of the well known online fish sellers list them.

    Google also indicates the season is from the beginning of October to mid March.

    1. Plenty of lobsters are caught in the waters off the Scottish Highlands. I have cooked a live lobster while in the Highlands.

      You could check here:

      You might also look among Chinese fishmonger shops in London. I live in San Francisco, where the Chinese fishmongers have tanks holding various kinds of live fish & seafood.

      1. Shellseekers in Borough Market have live ones

        Also See Woo in South Greenwich have extensive live tanks, I think with a couple of different types



        1. Can't quite remember, but if you get up early, Billingsgate Market near Canary Wharf should probably have live lobsters.