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Nov 4, 2012 06:16 AM

My grandmother's ravioli

I was dubious about the show since Mo Rocca can get a little grating, trying too hard to be funny. Well, this show, they showed three episodes straight, was a pleasantly sweet and surprising. The premise is that Mo would go to the home of someone's grandparent and prepare a feaast for friends and family. This feast would center around the recipes of the grandparents, ones that are ostensibly handed down through the generations.

The recipes were great but to me they were the secondary thing, the primary interest was the stories that these grandparents had as their background. Sometimes sweet and sometimes hard, the stories were almost always interesting. I found myself drawn into the show. Mo Rocca, who to me can get gratingly ironic, held off or chose to get ironic at the right moments. He was mature enough to get out of the way when he needed to and popped some zingers, gentle ones, whenever he felt like it was needed.

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  1. I watched a bit of this yesterday, too. USUALLY, I feel just as you do--"Mo Rocca can get a little grating, trying too hard to be funny." You nailed it precisely.

    But, I was sort of half watching/multitasking, and yes, the grandparents and their stories were interesting. I felt bad when Mo made a crack about "Everybody forgets so-and-so" when the little grandma from the Philippines was listing all her children, only to find, after he said that, that particular child was stillborn or died shortly after birth. It was kinda strangely wonderful when she taught Mo a song in her language and they were both singing together. I'll tune in again and pay better attention.

      a short thread about the pilot for this show, aired last February.

      1. I really enjoyed the episode with the Filipino grandmother Mila, and her husband the Romanian grandfather wasn't bad either. Rocca himself is still tiresome, for me anyway - nobody could be that dumb about kitchen and cooking basics, not after hosting Food(ography) and being one of the judges on Iron Chef America. Maybe he'll settle down after a couple of episodes. But I still enjoy the show.

        1. I'll keep my peepers peeled

          1. I really enjoy the show. I watched part of the one with the Jewish woman where they made kreplach, and the entire one with Guitano (sp?). That guy cracked me up. I told my BF he's going to end up like that when he's old :) I'm going to try and catch the other ones when they're on.... I caught the ones I did see on weekends during the day.