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Nov 4, 2012 05:34 AM

Need Costa Mesa area restaurant with private room for 25 or so

Have to plan a Friday night early December dinner for a group of 25. Don't live in OC so any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Private room is required. Pricing mid range, not high end.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Costa Mesa like the South Coast Plaza area Costa Mesa or Newport Blvd/17th Street Costa Mesa? Kind of food? Is Mexican okay?

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    1. re: scottca075

      Near the fairgrounds is best. Mexican might work if it is really good.

    2. First place I would check is Scott's, right across from South Coast Plaza.

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      1. Also Maggiano's near South Coast Plaza... In fact, they share the same parking lot.

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        1. re: laytonj1

          Scott's is booked. Will look into Maggiano's. Other ideas?

          1. re: coleberd

            I'm gonna offer Nesai in Newport. If you are saying "near the fairground"s, you are 5-10 minutes away. Food is exceptional and I know they have a room that would easily fit 25.


          1. Consider Bistango in Irvine. Only 5 minutes away from South Coast Plaza. Also...? Seasons 52 at SCP.