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Jul 6, 2005 01:46 PM

Korean in San Diego

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Have a yearning desire for AUTHENTIC Korean. I live in Carmel Valley but am willing to travel. Thanks

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  1. is that Korean non-BBQ food?

    The best Korean BBQ in SD is Boo Cho on Engineer Road, off Convoy Ave. They have a large menu that includes the usual BBQ meats, plus soups, bi bim baps, nyung mung.

    If you're looking for soon tofu/tofu soups, the best is Tofu House on Convoy Ave. Same area as Boo Cho.

    both take about 15-20 min from Carmel Valley if there's no traffic on the 805.

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      Actually i was refferring to the both so both recs are welcome. The tofu house is near Sakura right? I think i will check that out this weekend. Have you tried Buga on Clairmont Mesa near Convoy? A coworker of mine loves it and just gave you the menu

      1. re: MV

        Tofu House is north of Sakura. It's across the street from the Honda dealership, Chopstix and Jasmine. It's between Clairemont Mesa Blvd and Balboa. There's also a Tapioca Express in the same strip mall (good boba teas...).

        We haven't tried Buga and would love to know what you think!

        1. re: daantaat

          I personally don't like any of the Korean restaurants in San Diego. It may be because I've been traumatized from years ago when I first moved from Orange County (Garden Grove's there) and San Francisco.

          The restaurants that I think are pretty decent are Min-sok-chon and Buga. Tried tofu house, which is popular among non-Korean friends, but it didn't suit me so I refuse to go there. Heard bad reviews about Korea House, so I'm not tempted to try that out.
          Unofortunately, Korean restaurant choices are very limited in San Diego and I haven't found a great one yet either.

          Hopefully the prior posts have good suggestions that I need to try! Good luck to you.

          1. re: Suz

            Which Tofu House are you refering to? According to Google there are two different resturants on Convoy called Tofu House, one at 4646 Convoy and one at 4229 Convoy. I've only eaten at the one at 4242 Convoy. I like it.

            There's at least one other Tofu House in Hillcrest.

    2. Go to CONVOY Tofu House (not to be confused with Tofu House), SOUTH of Balboa on Convoy. Filled with Korean families, and extremely delicious!

      1. The best Korean food in San Diego is hands down Chingoo Neh... my two favorite dishes were Al jjigae (fish egg soup) and Boo Deh jjigae (Army Base Soup with sausages, spam, weiners, franks)... one order can easily serve 3 people so go in a group!

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        1. re: Danimal n Hustler

          Not in my phone book....where is it located?

        2. it's across the street from MinSokChon on Convoy. It's in the same plaza as the yellow Pho house... it's pretty much the only Korean food I'll eat in SD unless it's my own