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Nov 4, 2012 04:54 AM

Adult candy shoppe themed pole party

Im planning a pole dance party for my 30th birthday. Although pole dance can be a theme in itself, I was thinking to make the party candy shoppe or chocolate themed. I wanted to go a more sophisticated route such as gourmet chocolates and variations of chocolate martinis. I need some other ideas for "grownup" sweets and would like everything to be miniature/bite sized. I wanted to keep food light and have a few appetizers such as sushi and some Asian style dumplings. For decor I was thinking brown and golds with lots of sparkle. I'm open to any ideas you have for food, dessert, invitations, decor, drinks or whatever else you can think of.
For a little background there will be 10-15 girls of my closest friends and family. Some know each other and a few don't. I want to have a fun and relaxed night where me and my girls can let our hair down.

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  1. My first thought - while I love sushi it isn't something that I think of with going well with "candy shoppe" or "chocolate" from a flavor standpoint. But if you're good with it, I am too.

    My second thought was along the pole theme for dessert - chocolate covered pretzel sticks. They can then be rolled in all sorts of nuts, sprinkles, etc for a little sparkle. I can envision them all poked into some sort of foam board like little poles. In fact if you went to your local cake decorating store you could buy a large cake board, take a drill gun and drill holes around the outside (3 sides) and have the pretzels all around the outside with other desserts in the center of the board. I think it would look very impressive.

    When you say "grownup" sweets - what exactly does that mean? Things with alcohol? Double entendre desserts?

    Just about any dessert can be made into a miniature, so a little more direction would be great. I find the biggest thing to think about with desserts is texture variety. So don't have it ALL be "cake" texture - throw in some nuts for crunch - don't discount cookies for texture change (i.e. not cakes and brownies, same textures).

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      I didn't take into consideration of flavors when I thought of sushi so your probably right. I was thinking sushi because I love it and it's light (if you dont eat too much). So I'll need to figure something else out.
      I love your idea for the pretzel display. Maybe I'll use edible glitter for sparkle. For "grownup" sweets I was thinking desserts with alcohol or an adult spin on "kid" favorites like rice Krispy treats. So far I thought to have s'mores, rice Krispy treats, chocolate covered strawberries with champagne, chocolate covered pretzels, and cupcakes. The theme will probably be more of sweet shoppe or chocolate rather than candy.

    2. For me, a chocolate martini IS dessert.... With maybe a cookie or small pastry, but that would be my sweet limit. If all I was drinking were sweet alcohol drinks and munching on candy and sweets, I would probably not feel very well. How long will the party last?

      If you are also having not so sweet mixed drinks or wine, then you could offer a wider variety of apps. What about making it a "french" theme too, making a few quiche or savory tarts, they are light but soak up alcohol..... make gourgeres and offer them with sliced ham and cheese. That would work with the chocolate and sweets too...add some cream puffs :)

      I think your party sounds fun.

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        French theme for the food I'd actually a great idea. I'll look into some different appetizers. You make a good point with the sweet alcohol and desserts. The party will be 2-3hrs.

      2. Here is a slide show of miniature/bite size desserts from Chow

        there have also been a few other threads on this type of thing on here as well, if I remember correctly.

        Just for ease - mini-tarts (1" or so across) are always easy and enjoyed. You don't have to do them with "pie crust", I often do them with a cookie dough which I think holds up better during transport, but you can also do them with phyllo (there was a phyllo shell dessert in the slide show). Then you can use several different fillings - what comes to mind quickly would be something like a pecan pie (hearty), a mouse (white chocolate to mix it up), and a berry (maybe with pastry cream).

        Also, don't underestimate the impact of a "flavored" whipped cream on an old staple dessert. Like a bourbon whipped cream with the pecan pie, or a cinnamon whipped cream on an apple tart.

        Just a thought about the overall menu - along the lines of what sedimental said in their post - desserts and cheese go very well together. You could do cheeses with fresh and dried fruits (cranberry, cherries, pears, fig jam, etc) with lots of different crackers/toasts. That would go along well with desserts (I know it sounds un-american ;) but remember the french cheese course comes at the end of the meal).

        (Edit) okay one other thought - Fruit gelee - very bright and colorful, yummy (you should be able to find countless recipes on the web, this was just the first one I found with a quick search)

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        1. re: thimes

          Thanks! There were a lot of great ideas on that slideshow and I love the idea of flavored whip cream.

        2. I don't have any suggestions, but please make sure you post some pictures of the party. :)

          1. Is food on a stick too obvious? Things like:

            grissini wrapped in prosciutto
            fruit kebabs
            s'mores on a stick--marshmallow dipped in chocolate rolled in graham crackers
            cake pops/brownie pops
            cheesecake bites dipped in chocolate on a stick

            Things like that will be easier to eat/serve, especially since you'll be working out. It would be easy to doctor them up and make them more elegant.

            Here you go--desserts on a stick. Some really clever ideas.