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Nov 4, 2012 04:39 AM

Cape Cod Chat House- Dennis Village

This is a hidden gem. I cannot believe I visited for the first time. I organized an informal board meeting months ago. When we arrived the room was occupied so we had to adjust things. The music was a little loud but they kindly turned it down. The art, phew. James Wolfe is a real talent. I did not eat but enjoyed my tea. My colleagues loved their food. Clean bathrooms, nice staff, great set up. I will be back...The fig goat cheese flatbread looked divine.

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  1. The Tutti Italiani group from the Cape Cod Cultural Center recently had an event there, which was also my first visit. As you said, a hidden gem, especially the lovely outdoor space in good weather. We had an Italian dinner, served buffet-style. I wouldn't say the food was spectacular, but it was definitely worth another visit (and I will freely confess to being very picky about my Italian food, having spent the past 20+ years traveling to Italy as often as I can).