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PSA: 99 Ranch Market and BEEF!

So I hit 99 Ranch Market early yesterday morning. I was really just killing time waiting on my OtherBrotherDarrell to get his asterisk in gear and I needed some tea. I had needed Costco also, so I thought I'd hit them both. Unless you want to hear about the kind of toilet paper of which I buy hundreds of rolls at a time, I'll skip Costco and concentrate on 99 Ranch Market. As I've chronicled on these pages before, I love that place.

I got my Oolong and some fresh lemongrass and was looking for a duck, (mainly cause I'm out of duck fat but will have that situation remedied by mid-afternoon today), and completely accidentally bumped into a cooler case full of beef tenderloin and beef ribeye roasts on sale for $3.89/lb.

I picked up an 11 pound ribeye roast for around $45. I called OBD to see if he was interested in splitting one, and of course he was.

So I split the roast down the middle, carved off a couple of inch thick steaks which I vacuum sealed and froze and I plan on smoking the three and a half pound roast starting this morning. In fact the roast in on the counter coming to room temp. I gave it a good rub yesterday with the smoked paprika from Phoenicia, coarse black pepper and sea salt. I'll be putting it on the smoker as soon as it gets light enough to see.

So you're all invited for a feast this afternoon...

If you can find me.


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  1. We're weekly regulars at 99 Ranch, and I've often been blown away by their amazing prices for large cuts of beef (as well as pork etc.).
    Hope you'll keep us posted on what you think about the beef!

    1. You are seriously making me rethink my need to go to 99 Ranch Market.

      1. I have rarely gotten out of the produce and seafood departments before dark.

        1. So I smoked the approximately 4 lb roast yesterday. I put it over a very slow applewood smoke around 9am and took it off around 5. Wrapped it in foil and put in a 275' oven for an hour.

          Shouldn't have though as it's now so tender that it won't cut. It just falls off of the bark. Tasty tho'.

          I still have two one-inch thick steaks and a half of a pound of trimmings for...oh I don't know...stir fry or stroganoff.

          I also bought a whole duck.

          (PSA: When 99 Ranch Market says "Whole Duck", believe it. No "lizzards or givers", but my first chore was to chop off the head which had been neatly hidden, errrr, I mean "tucked" underneath the carcass.)

          Anyway, I slow roasted that yesterday also and it rendered about a cup of nice fat. I shredded the meat and mixed it with some tikka masala sauce I picked up at Trader Joe's. I'll probably have that for dinner tomorrow.

          1. I just want to agree with Doobs and everyone else that recommends 99 Ranch.

            My son lives out in the San Francisco Bay area where 99 Ranch is very popular. I never missed a stop there whenever I went out to visit, and was thrilled to death when I heard that 99 Ranch was opening in Houston.

            I love that place. The first thing I do when I walk in is to go to the bakery and buy an egg custard tart to munch on. The only bad thing is that I'm pretty obviously not the only one, and they are often completely sold out.

            Anyone that has not yet given 99 Ranch a try definitely should. And sooner rather than later.

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              Can y'all recommend items you regularly get there. I for sure want to get duck possibly beef (that's hubby's dept). Can't wait to try an egg custard.

              1. re: tlegray

                We get our veggies there: Baby bok choy, water spinach, yam leaf, chayote squash, bean sprouts, daikon radish, napa cabbage. Tons cheaper than other specialty food stores.

                I think I mentioned thick soy and dark soy a while back on a Maggi thread. We also get rice wine, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, various whole spices, bonito flakes, etc.

                There's tons of fresh uncooked noodles too which are a bit hard to find but worth it. They have Korean varieties, Hong Kong style, northern Chinese style, etc.

                We always hit the bakery too as recommended. We too have missed out on egg custard tarts, but the truth is a trip to Bellaire and you'll find more egg custard tarts. On the other hand Ranch 99 is just a lot more user friendly.

                The one chink in the armor is that we hit the pho place in the food court and were a bit disappointed. I'm definitely going to give them another shot. Especially cuz I usually can't wait until I get home to eat something!

                Want to also put in a plug for H Mart, a large Korean supermarket just North up the road a few blocks. Worth checking out if you're just wandering for fun - they also have a food court inside so you can get your bibimbap or tofu pot. My personal favorite is Kimbap - Korean style sushi, which makes a great snack while shopping!

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                  I spent a good portion of time there looking for bonito flakes and I knew they were there somewhere but just couldn't find them. It's hard to communicate with staff to ask questions, but I tackled two of them and they couldn't help. I ended up at Nippan Daido on the same day where they pointed me to an entire shelf of them. It's funny but I met a tiny elderly Japanese woman at 99 Ranch that day in the aisle where the bonito flakes should have been, and we were both making miso soup and she compared recipes with this middle aged anglo. We had quite a talk. She was trying to recreate the miso soup served at the sushi place in that food mall at the Westgreen exit in Katy. Foodie is an international language!

            2. Has anybody tried the spareribs they sell in the hot food section next to the ducks?

              1. As stated above, in addition to the beef and duck I also picked up some fresh lemongrass and some oolong tea. Other items I routinely pick up there include soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, curry pastes, rice, hfcs-free Worchester sauce, sriracha, noodles, hoisin, coconut milk, frozen dumplings, fish sauce, all kinds of spices and seasonings, etc.

                Also lots of unusual veggies, hot peppers, etc.

                They have about twenty kinds of fresh mushrooms but never get them because I wouldn't know how to use them.

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                1. re: DoobieWah

                  Since I live 30 or so miles away from the closest one, has anyone seen fresh pork bellies there?

                    1. re: DoobieWah

                      Picked up a two pound pork belly here on Saturday. Froze half and braised the other half yesterday. I did a slow stove-top braise with coffee, rice wine, a little soy, a splash of fish sauce and some Szechuan peppercorns, fresh ginger and a star anise. Pretty tasty.

                      Also picked another beef ribeye roast and slow roasted.

                      The pork belly was $3/lb and the beef rib roast was $3.59/lb. Hard to beat.

                2. The $3.89 a pound for their tenderloin is a great deal. I've bought it for around $6 per pound there. Though not the most flavorfull tenderloin I've had, I've never had any complaints.

                  I've also been very happy with their paper thin sliced tenderloin to use in Pho.