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Nov 3, 2012 11:16 PM

Seeking Recent Updates and Ideas for Ucluelet and Tofino

We're heading up to Ucluelet next week for about 8 days and nights. Looking for some updates on dining and shopping as most of the posts I've found are a little old, and things change so fast. We rent a place with a great kitchen, so we eat in a lot, but will have a few meals out, a couple dinners and a breakfast or two.

Cyn at Night will be closed while we are there.
We've eaten at Norwood's before, it was good but not great, but we ended up being the only customers on a stormy night, so they may have been a bit off their game. I'd be willing to try it again.
Our temporary home is very near Black Rock. We've been there for a drink, but haven't tried the food, so opinions and experiences there are welcome.
Is there anything else in Ucluelet we should try? Also, any good spot for breakfast?

We'll probably have one dinner in or around Tofino.
We've had lunch and dinner at Wickaninnish; lunch was great, dinner was good. But we probably won't go again.
We haven't been to Sobo since they've left the Botanical Gardens, and I've heard mixed reports since they've moved. Anyone have recent experience there? (I've missed Pasticceria Conradi; we loved that place for breakfast, pizza, and pastries. But that was a long time ago now.)
We ate once in Tofino at either Shelter or Schooner, I don't know which, but we were not impressed. It felt and tasted like a chain restaurant.
We haven't had great sushi in a while; is Tough City Sushi worth a visit?
Tacofino is on my radar, but it seems more lunch-y, and we rarely eat lunch.

For home cooking, we usually pick up seafood at Trilogy in Tofino. Last time we were there we couldn't find a fish/seafood seller in Ucluelet that was open during the winter. Does anyone know of one? We shopped at the Co-op, which was just OK. Haven't yet found a good loaf of bread though, or really nice cheese. Are there better places to shop, in Ucluelet or Tofino? Or are there bakeries or specialty stores, for items such as good bread and cheese?

Thanks in advance to any of you with updates, and ideas on any places I've missed.

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  1. Hey LN, so on your way home you may be doing some eats in the Vancouver area ? :-)

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      We usually take a late ferry back to Tsawwassen, then just duck back across the border and home.
      But we'll definitely take a Vancouver food trip sometime soon!

      1. re: LotusRapper

        Thanks LotusRapper. I've actually read all the available threads. Was looking for some winter ideas, and those are all in-season threads. Every time we've gone, several places were closed in November. I know Cyn will be closed. I was hoping someone had some updates, and some recent opinions on places that have had mixed reviews.

        And if it's anything like Bham, the places I liked several months ago have almost all closed, or changed, or gone downhill! Thought there might me some locals with the latest news around!

        1. re: L.Nightshade

          We went in November a couple years ago and most things in Tofino were open. NOt sure about Uclulet. Dying to go back, so looking forward to other responses and your updates too.