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A Democratic Thanksgiving

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This is my third time making Thanksgiving, and each time I've had the guests vote to pick what we have for each item (e.g. from among three types of stuffing, soups, etc.). This year I used Survey Monkey, so people could rank the items, and I received detailed results.

The results are in.

Soup: I was surprised to see carrot and toasted almond win. In the pas, chestnut soup was a huge hit, but only two of the guests are repeats, so they can be forgiven.

Potatoes: Mashed tromped twice-baked. Huh.

Veg: Green bean casseole FTW. I'm relieved, because this is one item someone else threw into the hat, and therefore will make themselves. I'm on business trips till a few days before Thanksgiving and could use the help. Roasted squash and apples had a surprisingly strong showing, and carrot spoonbread. We'll have them all. I wasn't the only person to rank brussel sprouts and braised red cabbage first, but they wound up in the last two places!

Stuffing: Wild mushroom, leek, and filbert. I was surprised apple and sausage didn't place higher—anything with the word "sausage" in the title usually rates with this crowd.

Pies (in addition to a pumpkin cheesecake, which was not up for a vote—the Supreme Court of desserts, I guess): Apple, by a landslide. I have never, ever gotten excited for an apple pie. Hmph. Chocolate cream eked into second above northwest berry, thanks to the late vote of my 4-year-old. Nearly everyone put coconut cream last.

Anyway, the Democratic Thanksgiving is a superfun tradition. I have the enjoyment of picking several great options, and leave the tough choices to the masses. It builds up excitement before the event. I recommend it!

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  1. Very fun idea!

    I kinda agree with you, I've never craved an apple pie, but a few times I've fun into a spectacular one. That's enough to keep me coming back. :)

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Coconut and pumpkin will be our pies of choice although I may volunteer to make a pie or two so my SO can request Montgomery pie or someone equally as fun. I'm not a big baker so I farm those out.

        My family will have their pumpkin and possibly pecan (favorite of mine but since I only want a slice or two the whole weekend it doesn't make sense).

        I love the sound of democratic thanksgiving but these folks don't branch out even for a normal dinner. Changing Thankgivig would be sacrilege.