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Nov 3, 2012 10:47 PM

Built-in blowtorch.

Hi all...

Does anyone know of a kitchen blowtorch that can be connected directly to a home's gas line? Something like the vegetable sprayer on a sink...but with fire.

Any leads appreciated...


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  1. As far as I know that sort of hookup won't be legal anywhere that has safety and fire codes. If you have the space and the money you can install a separate overhead broiler like the ones commercial kitchens use:

    But generally the most practical solution is a handheld torch with its own fuel supply, either a small butane kitchen torch or one of the various mutipurpose propane torches from a hardware supplier. These are available in versions with a flexible hose but they still run off their own separate tank, independent of the gas line.

    1. I can't help you but I have to ask: WHY? What are you planning to do with this thing?

      1. So Not-to-Code and unsafe it's funny, but you could try this:

        No, on second thought, DON'T try it.

        1. Wow... that sounds incredibly dangerous. I asked my dad (he is an engineer) about it and he thought that I wanted to do this. I got a 10 minute lecture on the hazards of playing with gas.

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            <I got a 10 minute lecture on the hazards of playing with gas.>

            Bad iluvcookies! Bad iluvocookies! Now, go back to your room, and don't come out until I told you so.

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              He he he... thankfully my room is now 120 miles away, with a nice TV and a husband.

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              Funny - I asked my dad too (he is a firefighter!) and he proceeded to tell me about the house fire he worked, caused by the two guys who ran out of propane for the gas grill, so they rigged up the house propane tank to the grill. No serious injuries, but the house was a total loss from the resulting explosion.

            3. So, are you on the new Indulgence Diet, nothing but s'mores and creme brûlée?

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                You just made my day, thanks! I might include lemon meringue pie, too. And call my dentist.