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Nov 3, 2012 08:45 PM

Main Line Rehearsal Dinner?

Hi, everyone.

I am looking for a venue for a rehearsal dinner for my wedding next June. We are getting married in Radnor, so I would like to choose a venue nearby- most likely on the Main Line, but we would be willing to travel 20-25 minutes, if necessary, to other areas.

I am expecting to have around 45 guests, and our budget is tight- we need to keep it under $25 per person. We are open to most cuisines, but of course we would want to have a private space within a restaurant to hold the event. If anyone has a suggestion, I would be grateful! I am not very familiar with the Radnor area, so I am a little lost on this!

Thanks so much!

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  1. Your $25 per limit is a definite challenge. The White Dog Cafe has a comprehensive section on groups/parties with various menu choices. They are all way above your limit however perhaps with a simplified menu choice and less formal dinner and a cash bar you could work something out. They do have a private room for up to 50. Good luck this is a difficult area to find inexpensive dining with some element of ambience.

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      I second Bacchus's concern about your budget. If you can go 10 dollars higher per person for dinner you could go to Margaret Kuo's a great upscale asian place in Wayne. They have banquet facilities.

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        Talk to Susannah Foo people. Perhaps they will give you a special deal. There's your best bet and directly in Radnor. I have been to occasions like yours there and it was really wonderful.
        White Dog is mediocre at best IMO.
        Another very viable alternative and in your price range I believe, is Yangming 7 minutes away from Radnor -- also with private room facilities.