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Nov 3, 2012 08:32 PM

Mexican Find On Ave. U Brooklyn

A while ago, La Mixteca, a Mexican bar and restaurant, opened at 189 Avenue U. I've noticed it when I visit Meat Supreme across the street but, living in Midwood, rarely get to that neighborhood at the dinner hour.

Tonight, with no Q train and the neighborhood in the grips of a gasoline shortage, we decided to head down there with our neighbors for a little Mexican comidas and some cerveza.

Walking into the place, we wondered if we hadn't made a mistake. No decor of any kind. A bar, jukebox, some coolers and a few laminate tables are all that's there. But a nice young lady welcomed us, handed us menus and took our drink order. The fare is typical-- everything from breakfast pancakes to cemitas. So, we started off with chips, salsa and guacamole, all, as we discovered, house-made. The chips and guacamole were excellent. For my taste, the salsa lacked heat, though very fresh-tasting.

The four of us ordered tacos, carnitas, enchiladas en mole, fajitas and tamales. Everything we ate was homey and delicious. The pork enchiladas deserve special mention. The pork inside was crispy and the mole was unbelievably rich and complex. Other than the salsa, everything had a healthy dose of heat, especially the tamales, which had jalapeƱos tucked into the cheese filling.

With six beers and two glasses of wine, the bill came to just under $70 for the four of us. Great value in the most nondescript of places.

La Mixteca
189 Avenue U
Brooklyn, NY 11223
(347) 462-1601

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  1. 189 is not across from Meats Supreme but a couple doors east. As of today it's a vacant signless storefront between an optician's office and a clothing store.

    Could you have been at El Mixteco, 192 Ave. U? Same layout you describe - bar up front, coolers, jukebox - and same owner as Mixteca, an employee said.