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Nov 3, 2012 07:27 PM

Regal Ware 12" Tri-Ply Open Fry Pan - $25

Hello, my first post here but I read these forums for months before purchasing my first set of stainless steel to replace my decaying non-stick that I inherited from others over years and was frightened of. I found this forum indispensable in my comparison shopping - I learned to avoid encapsulated bases, that spending money on All-Clad and Viking is nice but Tramontina should be just fine, to pay attention to handles more than anything else, to avoid sets and buy piece-by-piece as I needed. I even learned about the science behind different types of cookware and manufacturing processes. I probably learned too much, but i'm glad I did, because I'm really, really happy with my pots and pans. I ended up getting a set from Regal Ware for less than random nice pieces individually that I love. I was going to get Tramontina but my lady friend and I weren't excited about keeping up the mirror exterior. So, thank you.

Anyway, I noticed this fry pan on Woot for $25 a few days ago and it hasn't sold out yet for some reason. I haven't owned All-Clad or anything too fancy, but I've used some, and this pan definitely holds its own against bigger names. So, I thought I'd share with you guys a nice, tri-ply, induction-ready 12" stainless steel fry pan for $25</a>. Hope this is helpful to someone and maybe now that I have an account (and am not afraid to use my pans) I'll start using this board more! Thanks again!

P.S. I am not affiliated with Woot or Regal Ware, I'm just a poor college student who loves good deals on nice things. :) If you've been on the fence about trying stainless or just can't afford to this is a great opportunity!

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  1. claes, I would say you did well. USA made and $25.00. It doesn't get much better than that.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation.

      1. Happy cooking, claes! I have the 10" version of the Regal pan, and it's in frequent use here (particularly by my s.o., who doesn't like the weight of the copper skillet). I love its handle. Sadly, I think Regal is discontinuing the line, and appreciate your alerting chowhounds to the bargain on the 12" skillet.

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          Thanks guys, glad I could help out!

          Regarding Regal Ware discontinuing it's line, it seems like they've rebranded or sold the line to "American Kitchen." These pots and pans (the exact same ones AFAIK) are going for retail price at Metro Kitchen.

          However, I ordered direct from Regal Ware and got a practical set for my needs (2qt sauce, 3 qt sauce, 12" pan, 10" saute, 6 qt dutch) for $270. What's really weird is that all of these pans, shipped direct from Regal Ware in Wisconsin (they shipped overnight for free BTW :)), came branded as American Kitchen. I haven't called customer service yet to see if they route me over to American Kitchen, but I get the feeling that this is a really unique close-out opportunity to get pans that may very well still be available a few years from now while Regal Ware sells off it's business.

          Edit: I also noticed that their 12-ply is now Lifetime, two new 5-ply brand names... Not sure what this means, but you can see for yourself on their web page.

          1. re: claes

            < I also noticed that their 12-ply >

            12 ply? That is a lot.

            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              Yeah, "waterless" cookware. I don't know anything about it but supposedly you don't have to use oil or water... the lids create a perfect seal/near vacuum to prevent sticking, supposedly allowing you to lift the pan off the stovetop by the lid. From what I've read this was a big deal in the 40's but no longer necessary. However whenever anyone mentions Regal's waterless they always talk about it being "really nice."


              1. re: claes

                I see. Now, memory is coming back to me for this Waterless 12-ply cookware. Thanks for the link.

            2. re: claes

              Regal Ware "owns" Westbend and Lifetime is or was marketed through sales shows and demonstrations by Westbend. We have the very old Westbend Lustrecraft which had only 3 plies the center being carbon steel. Still gets regular use. You will find many who swear by it as well as those who swear at it, whether they have used it or not.

              1. re: claes

                American Kitchen isn't another company, it's just a brand of Regal's. The line was originally 'Marcusware' (Marcus Samuelsson), but they kept it going with the new name after that celebrity chef endorsement deal ended.

                If they're continuing the line, good. The plant in Wisconsin employs about 500 people.