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Nov 3, 2012 06:54 PM

Home Restaurant, Branford Ct

Last night, eating out while waiting for our power to be restored after the storm, my wife and I went. To "Home" in Branford, descendant of Foe. We were quite happy with our food: a bowl of excellent (not perfect, but very good) fries and a plate of asparagus and broccoli battered and fried (not really tempura, as claimed on the menu, but good in their way), followed by a goat cheese and mushroom lasagna that my wife liked quite a bit (after it was sent back to the oven for a warmup) and what I think is the best swordfish dish I've had.
The menu offers small plates, full dishes, a range of burgers (which looked good on other people's plates) and sandwiches, plus several variations on man 'n cheese. Something for most people.
We ate in the back room, where the tables are organized and set in the conventional way, though the noise level can get high. The front room has been reorganized as a set of casual chair groupings: not obviously the right way to serve a serious dinner, but people seem to like it.
Full bar and reasonable if not very extensive wine list.
I get the impression there's a lot of care that goes into the food here. The owner (who did the rounds of the tables) seemed genuinely to want to know what was working and what wasn't.
I rather liked Foe in its original location, and for a while after they moved, but it began to go downhill. Home is a very good replacement.
I'm surprised not to find comments on this place here, since they've been open for a while, although shoreline+New Haven CT has been pretty dead on CH lately. Maybe I've just missed it.

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  1. We've been 3 times. I think the comments about Home have not been on threads that specifically discussed it but talked about other Branford options. I agree the fries are good. Really like the spicy turkey burger. Salads are good. They can make a plain mac & cheese if you want it since all the stuff on the menu has fancier variations. Great selection of local beers. I liked Foe much better in its old location too. Definitely more cozy and the service was very attentive. Once they moved into the new space after Avra closed, it lost that homey feeling. Went sporadically but it wasn't nearly as good. Kind of the same thing has happened with Pasta Cosi. I agree that Home is a nice alternative. I really miss Penang Grill though.

    1. I've been there several times.I like the ambiance and great service atHome, but haven't been wild about the food. The "Breakfast for Dinner" meal wasn't that great. The steak was overcooked and there were only two small bits of pork belly. I was disappointed. My friend had swordfish and the Israeli couscous and it was excellent. The mac and cheese was very bland and I didn't want the other variations they had - maybe if they used a more flavorful cheese it'd be good. I haven't had any of the salads yet - wish they served a small house salad with meals. I've liked the fries and some of the other appetizers, but the potato pancakes were extremely thin and I was disappointed about that. I do want to try the pork chop but am afraid it would be tough. Also want to try the spaghetti and meatballs. So I'll go back, but sometimes other restaurants sound more exciting such as Campania and Assaggio. I do wish there was a place in Branford to get a good steak! I've had a good steak at Campania and Assaggio but only when they have it as a special.

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        I'm largely in agreement, though I have hopes for Home. Maybe because that swordfish dish was SO good.
        I don't understand why people like Campania: my two meals there were unmitigated disasters, and (while I regret the Vietnamese place that occupied this space before), I have no intention of trying again. And while I often like what I get at Assaggio, people with me tend to have less luck :-( and this is certainly not the place to go for a steak.
        With the demise of Central Steakhouse in New Haven (a place where they had really good steaks, cured in house, plus a world class wine list), I have idea where to go in this area. Ideas, anybody?

      2. Just heard that Home is about to unleash a new menu so certainly worth a another stop if you haven't been in for awhile. Foe did a great job with this restaurant with flavors and textures so perfectly paired. Home's owner Jared has successfully played off that success and brought this restaurant to the next level- trust me I know based on the headcounts of today compared to even a year ago. Don't be afraid to speak with Jared when you are there about that evening's specials, his efforts to buy both food and beverage from local purveyors, and his genuine passion for good food. We travel and eat out extensivly and Home is our home at least twice a month- friendly staff- Rob the bartender on Wed and Fri, Mike the other nights, Kate, Tracy etc will all make you feel comfortable. I agree with the comments re steaks in Branford- we go to Sage for Prime Rib or Carmine Anthonys for steaks, but Home cooking meets many of our other tastes!

        1. We had a great experience at Home. Sat up front by the bar - very comfortable and relaxing spot.

          The starter cheese plate was fantastic. Each cheese was paired with a spread and cracker; you could tell the thought that went into each pairing. We went a while ago so I don't recall each exact cheese, but the blue cheese was the best I ever tasted. There was also a machego type cheese paired with a cherry chutney that was perfect.

          Wife and I shared some small plates - the spring rolls were good, the pork loin was excellent. The only real miss was the brushetta - the tomato topping was good but there was too much bread and it wasn't toasted.

          The owner was great - came by to explain the cheese selection and where they were from. I also like the local beer selections.

          All in all, a fun spot. Will definitely go again.