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Nov 3, 2012 05:03 PM

Busaba in Louisville, CO

Has anyone been here? Is there any chance that Pim Fitt of Yummy Yummy Tasty Thai is involved? I do miss that lady.

I love Thai food, but have a lot of trouble in Denver/Boulder with the heavy hand on the sweet, or not taking our requests for heat seriously.

So what say you Denver eaters?

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  1. I have been once but frankly I'm not a Thai food expert so I wouldn't even venture a yay or nay. I liked it well enough but couldn't tell you how it ranks.

    1. Busaba is pretty mediocre, I eat there once in a while only because I work nearby. Thai Kitchen in Boulder is better. In Denver, I'd recommend the Thai food cart and US Thai, although it's not as good as it once was.