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Nov 3, 2012 02:24 PM

Upaush Masala Simi Valley

This place has been open for a year but never had a website or showed a decent menu in the place so I was turned off and never ordered anything. The owner just kept saying he would fix anything that I wanted. I needed a menu or website. Finally yesterday I noticed they had a local ad and referenced a website which is very basic but will be soon improved. I called in my order of two samosas, two tiki, butter chicken, aloo matar, chicken tika masala, sag paneer, aloo matar, white rice and they gave me a cauliflower dish that I don't recognize gratis. The total was $36.00 which surprised the heck out of me because it would have easily cost double that elsewhere. The food was hot, fresh and delicious and was ready on time. The owner is as nice as can be and aims to please. This place is best for takeout but if you want to sit and relax they have good tables and a TV. Just be aware it is partially a grocery store you will be sitting in. I will be back for sure.
2513 Sycamore near Do it Center and Millies

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