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Nov 3, 2012 02:12 PM

Playa recommendations for late November?

Celebrating my wife's 65th birthday with a trip to Playa (our first time there) and staying at El Taj. We are real foodies and want to get the best food possible, regardless of the decor. However, we do want a night or two in a romantic setting, especially on her birthday. From various internet sources and Chowhound, my current list includes: Los Aguachiles, La Mission, Kaxapa factory, Il Pescatore da Illena, Luna maya, Oh Lala, Imprevest and Drupa 38. Are we missing anything special? Where is the most romantic of the bunch or should we go somewhere else for the big birthday bash? We are considering Alux for drinks, but the food seems to be average at best. Chowhounds, please help make this a very special vacation and let me know of any new or charming places that I am not aware of and/or any great places with delicious food. THANKS!

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