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What fats and oils do you keep in stock?

The bacon fat thread got me thinking. For years my Big Three were butter, EVOO and peanut oil. Tried several fashionable oils: Walnut (goes rancid as soon as you open it), grapeseed (fine but not worth the cost), pumpkin (forgot that I don't _like_ the taste of pumpkin), none of them stuck. Lately I have been getting more, um, animalistic. Duck fat is the new necessity, bacon fat is for more than cast iron seasoning, and I am considering ordering a batch of rendered leaf lard. What are your favorite fats/oils and how has your taste evolved?

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  1. Bacon fat, butter, olive oil, and more neutral flavored fat,

    1. Olive oil and coconut oil are things we always have, we have butter most of the time, bacon fat occasionally and specialty oils only when I have a recipe/ plan that calls for it.

      1. I've always got olive oil and coconut oil and butter most of the time. When I was a kid, we used canola oil and vegetable oil for everything and had margarine for toast. Now I use Plugra and Lurpak on the occasions I use butter. My mom teases me about it but, hey, I've upgraded :)

        1. Butter, vegetable oil & olive oil....

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          1. I always have butter, olive oil, vegetable oil and bacon grease. I've recently started stocking coconut oil as well, and I often have some other kind(s) of animal fat around (currently I have a container of sausage grease and one of beef tallow). Sesame oil and chili oil, too, but those are for finishing, not cooking.

            1. coconut oil and olive oil spray are always on hand.

              1. When I lived with my grandmother, she always had bacon grease & I thought it was gross. Now I've started keeping a Mason jar for it in the fridge. I always have unsalted butter, olive oil, and I've started trying to keep avocado oil on hand. I have grapeseed oil & some hazelnut oil, but I'm not sure I'll restock those. I have some canola oil that I can't remember buying, too. Sesame oil & flaxseed oil, which aren't for cooking. Dang, I have a lot of oils around!

                1. - bacon fat
                  - duck fat (yes, we eat a lot of duck!)
                  - general olive oil for cooking/dressings/vinaigrettes; good extra virgin fresh from Croatia for finishing
                  - dark sesame oil
                  - coconut oil
                  - vegetable oil
                  - peanut oil
                  - butter
                  - a few oils flavoured oils I make such as chili, basil, etc.
                  - ghee

                  1. Butter, sunflower spread, olive oil, rapeseeed oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil

                    1. Canola for frying
                      Base olive oil for cooking
                      A great olive oil for finishing
                      Grapeseed oil for high temp cooking
                      Bacon fat for lots of different dishes
                      Butter is a must
                      Non hydrogenated margarine for eggs

                      1. Bacon & Butter
                        Veg shortening, like Crisco
                        Walnut oils

                        1. butter, unsalted butter, coconut oil, lard, olive oil, peanut oil.

                          1. butter, olive oil, vegetable oil, sesame oil. i bought my first jar of coconut oil from TJ's but actually have ended up using it more as eye makeup remover and moisturizer than in my cooking, although i plan to expand my use of it.

                            1. cooking/salad oils:

                              Olive oil
                              vegetable oil (usually canola)
                              sesame oil (cold-pressed from raw sesame seeds)

                              flavor oils:
                              sesame oil (Asian style, from toasted sesame seeds)
                              hot chili oil
                              rosemary oil
                              truffle oil

                              I recently had my first duck fat fries; now I understand what the buzz is all about. Mmmm!

                              1. Olive oil 2
                                Sesame oil 2
                                Rice bran oil
                                Peanut oil
                                Walnut oil
                                Almond oil
                                Hazelnut oil
                                Pumpkin seed oil
                                Avocado oil
                                Butter 2 or 3
                                Leaf Lard pork and beef ,Bacon drippings
                                Duck,Goose,Chicken and Turkey fat

                                and some Argon oil that I just received as a gift

                                gave up on grapeseed oil a few years back

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                                  You just reminded me that I always have pumpkinseed oil in the fridge in addition to all the fats I already mentioned. I just love the stuff!

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                                    Finally someone mentions chicken fat. +1.

                                  2. Olive
                                    Hot chili oil
                                    Non-GMO Canola

                                    1. Butter... when on sale will stock up and stash in freezer.

                                      Bacon grease... NEVER toss that.

                                      GOOD olive oil.

                                      Plain old veggie oil.

                                      Dark sesame oil.

                                      Chicken fat, sometimes. Made a big batch of stock from a whole chicken that was pretty fatty and got a good amount off top once cold. Great for frying potatoes in.

                                      1. Olive oil - two kinds, for cooking and sipping
                                        Canola oil - for searing or when I need a neutral flavored oil
                                        Toasted Sesame oil - Asian cooking
                                        Butter - regular and Kerrygold
                                        Some flavored oil

                                        1. Bacon fat, vegetable (soy bean) oil, butter, clarified butter, extra virgin olive oil, peanut oil and dark sesame oil. Oh yeah... Crisco.

                                          1. I keep the first six in cruets (refillable from the cabinet) in the "mise en place" collection of wines, salts, sugar, etc., that I keep next to my cooktop.

                                            Peanut Oil
                                            Rice Bran Oil
                                            Light Olive Oil
                                            Extra Virgin Olive Oil
                                            Ghee (clarified butter)
                                            FAKE "Pam" (Misto atomizer with peanut oil)
                                            Kadoya Sesame Oil
                                            "House Rayu" Hot Sesame Oil
                                            Truffle Oil (it will probably die of old age as I've found that truffle salt is far more satisfying)

                                            In the freezer:
                                            Beef Tallow (from Charolais cattle)
                                            Duck Fat
                                            Goose Fat
                                            Unsalted Grass Fed Butter

                                            I will not be replacing the rice bran oil, as the OP says, it's not a good value by any stretch of the imagination, and it's not the same quality from brand to brand.

                                            1. ghee
                                              coconut oil
                                              olive oil
                                              toasted sesame oil
                                              grapeseed oil
                                              rice bran oil
                                              walnut oil
                                              avocado oil

                                              1. Clarified Butter - (ghee)
                                                Coconut Oil (Non treated- aka extra virgin)
                                                Extra Virgin Olive Oil
                                                Grape seed Oil
                                                and The Champion and Reigning King Of All That Is FAT and Wonderful:
                                                Bacon Bacon Bacon

                                                1. I have:

                                                  grapeseed oil (for pan fry and stir fry)
                                                  lard (for baking)
                                                  butter (for baking)
                                                  sesame oil (for favor dressing)
                                                  ghee (for pan fry)

                                                  1. Extra-virgin olive oil, by the gallon
                                                    Vegetable or Canola oil
                                                    Unsalted butter
                                                    Rendered goose fat
                                                    Rendered duck fat
                                                    Sesame oil
                                                    Toasted Sesame oil
                                                    Hot Sesame oil
                                                    Wasabi oil
                                                    Truffle oil

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                                                      Oh, I also usually have peanut oil on hand as well for stirfries, although I've found that any of the vegetable oils work just as well in a pinch.

                                                    2. Butter (unsalted and salted)
                                                      Margarine (for baking, especially cookies, mixed 50/50 with butter)
                                                      Duck fat
                                                      4-seed oil for higher-temp or neutral-flavor frying (a blend of canola, a high-omega-3 sunflower, regular sunflower, and grapeseed)
                                                      Walnut (pressed from roasted walnuts - keep it in the fridge to keep it from going rancid)
                                                      Sesame oil for finishing

                                                      If I find a particularly good EVOO, I'll buy that for salads, but I'm pretty picky, so it's usually the same stuff I cook with.

                                                      1. Olive oil, bacon fat, several butters, grapeseed oil, sesame oil (toasted and untoasted),
                                                        generic vegetable oil, and coconut oil.

                                                        1. Olive, canola, sesame, butter, lard

                                                          1. olive oil
                                                            canola oil
                                                            walnut oil
                                                            sesame oil
                                                            unsalted butter

                                                            1. Unsalted butter
                                                              Sunflower Oil
                                                              Grapeseed Oil
                                                              Coconut oil
                                                              Duck fat
                                                              Walnut oil
                                                              Sesame oil
                                                              Toasted sesame oil
                                                              Bacon fat
                                                              Corn oil
                                                              Peanut oil

                                                              1. NO NO NO NO to canola oil. Poison. Stinky. Don't use it!!!!!

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                                                                  Right? Some of us taste it, some don't - but it's rancid industrial GMO product brought to us by the worst of Big Ag. Bah. But it's cheap, neutral and everyone's mom used it...

                                                                  1. re: sandylc

                                                                    I buy Organic Cold Pressed Canola Oil. It's Chemical & GMO Free, and
                                                                    USDA Organic & Kosher Certified.


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                                                                      I use corn oil for my neutral veggie oil, but I'm not sure that's any better. It doesn't taste as bitter as canola oil and it definitely doesn't have that weird smell.

                                                                      For smaller quantities, I use coconut oil or grapeseed oil for pan frying.

                                                                    2. I always have olive oil, a neutral vegetable oil, sesame oil, butter, ghee and lard on hand. The sesame oil is used more for finishing than for cooking in.

                                                                      At intervals I have bacon drippings, beef drippings and rendered duck fat around, depending on what I've cooked recently.

                                                                      The ghee and lard I make myself. Ghee has the advantage over butter in that it can be stored at room-temperature for a year or more without going rancid.

                                                                      1. Unsalted butter
                                                                        Olive oil
                                                                        Grapeseed oil
                                                                        Sesame oil

                                                                        1. Kerrygold or local grassfed butter, expeller pressed coconut oil (no flavor), olive oil. Periodically bacon, duck or goose fat.

                                                                          Wee threadjack: now I want to stage a canola/vegetable oil intervention!

                                                                          1. Extra virgin olive oil

                                                                            Butter - usually cheap salted butter, but sometimes unsalted, homemade and/or Euro style

                                                                            Vegetable [soybean] oil - when you need something cheap and lots of it. Preferred over canola.

                                                                            Refined safflower oil - doubles as tasteless neutral oil for some dressings and emulsions and also my go-to oil for searing steaks.

                                                                            Sesame oil - the only oil strictly for flavoring that has earned a permenant home in my pantry

                                                                            Various rendered fats - bacon grease, suet, schmaltz, duck fat, etc - depending on what I've cooked recently

                                                                            Rarely, leaf lard - mainly for baking

                                                                            I try out other oils sometimes, but the above are the ones I keep coming back to.

                                                                            1. Salted butter, vegetable or canola oil, extra virgin olive oil, toasted sesame oil, chili oil, toasted walnut oil (keep in the fridge), a fancier first-press olive oil for drizzling and salads, and occasionally bacon fat or schmaltz. I plan on getting a bottle of pumpkin seed oil for drizzling in soups once I find one that's reasonably priced.

                                                                              1. unsalted butter, flora, irish rapeseed, seasme seed. at the moment also grapeseed but im not liking it. my husband likes flora

                                                                                1. Butter, salted (for when I cook)
                                                                                  Margarine (for when he cooks)
                                                                                  Peanut oil (for stir-fry)
                                                                                  Sesame oil
                                                                                  Olive oil
                                                                                  Vegetable oil
                                                                                  Bacon fat (though it never really lasts long enough to say I keep it "in stock")