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Nov 3, 2012 12:53 PM

What fats and oils do you keep in stock?

The bacon fat thread got me thinking. For years my Big Three were butter, EVOO and peanut oil. Tried several fashionable oils: Walnut (goes rancid as soon as you open it), grapeseed (fine but not worth the cost), pumpkin (forgot that I don't _like_ the taste of pumpkin), none of them stuck. Lately I have been getting more, um, animalistic. Duck fat is the new necessity, bacon fat is for more than cast iron seasoning, and I am considering ordering a batch of rendered leaf lard. What are your favorite fats/oils and how has your taste evolved?

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  1. Bacon fat, butter, olive oil, and more neutral flavored fat,

    1. Olive oil and coconut oil are things we always have, we have butter most of the time, bacon fat occasionally and specialty oils only when I have a recipe/ plan that calls for it.

      1. I've always got olive oil and coconut oil and butter most of the time. When I was a kid, we used canola oil and vegetable oil for everything and had margarine for toast. Now I use Plugra and Lurpak on the occasions I use butter. My mom teases me about it but, hey, I've upgraded :)

        1. Butter, vegetable oil & olive oil....

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          1. I always have butter, olive oil, vegetable oil and bacon grease. I've recently started stocking coconut oil as well, and I often have some other kind(s) of animal fat around (currently I have a container of sausage grease and one of beef tallow). Sesame oil and chili oil, too, but those are for finishing, not cooking.