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Best mussels in greater Boston?

Looking for the best mussels dish one can find in greater Boston. Moules marinieres preferred, not a huge fan of marinara or coconut broth. Central Kitchen and Ecco are my favorites (also loved the ones they had on the menu for a while at Thinktank, spicy rich broth with pineapple), but I want to branch out a bit.

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  1. When I go to Brasserie Jo, I have been known to literally flip a coin to decide if I'm getting the steak frites or the moules. Both dishes are my favorite preparations of same in the city.

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      Brasserie Jo is my favorite. My go to dish when we're there. You will be dipping the baguette and using a spoon to get all the broth. Really, really good. Now I need some.

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        The shell is the spoon. don't use silverware!!!

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          Of course, what was I thinking.

    2. If you like a spicy broth, you might want to try the Scholar Mussels at Thirsty Scholar in Somerville -- not sure they'll ever rate as the best mussels in Boston, but for the price they're pretty good. The Publick House in Brookline has some fun versions, too.

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        publick house is great for mussels, and interesting beer.

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          i had great mussels at Tratoria Toscana though they are hard to do poorly. One of those things that i like to prepare at home.

        2. Had the mussels at Highland Kitchen in Somerville last night. They're in a lobster infused broth. Very good, and I had the left over broth as a soup. I could really taste the lobster.

          1. Les Zygomates does a great version with Pernod

            1. If you're in the Quincy area, The Fat Cat has very delicious mussels in a tomato based broth (slightly spicey). My very close second favorite. Served with some of their homemade foccacia (grilled).

              1. Another vote for Brasserie Jo however; I did enjoyed the mussels at Legal Harborside this weekend in a yellow curry with pineapple, tomato and cilantro. Nice little kick to it.

                1. The best mussels I've ever had in this area were at Strip-T's, but they were on the menu a few months ago and aren't there any longer. Still, I would say that if you are ever at Strip-T's and see mussels on the menu, order them.

                  1. i love sweet basil's (needham) mussels. they have great bread with it, too. and i love the byob!

                    1. For a different take on it, I really like the cast iron skillet-roasted mussels at Franklin Cafe in the South End. When done right, they are hot, smoky, salty, and succulent with a really delicious salty brown butter/lemon taste to the shells as you bring them to your mouth.

                      1. both of my favorites were mentioned...Brasserie Jo, and Eastern Standard.

                        I had some excellent mussels at Island Creek, but they were served without the shell and weren't the classic moules marinieres.

                        JennyO...I'm with you...I do the same thing deciding between the steak frite and the moules an Brasserie Jo. The only easy choice for me there is the profiteroles for dessert!

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                          Cognac Bistro does a yummy mussels escargot style - garlic/parsley, etc. in a skillet. nice change from the usual.

                        2. If you want something different I love the Fried Mussels, Hot Peppers & Turkish Tarator Sauce at Oleana.

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                          1. It's been a while but I've always loved Aquitaine's.

                            1. There's a review in Boston Mag about Kitchen. Their mussel stew looks pretty good in the picture and write up.

                              1. Surprised no one has said Mistral yet!! Steamed black mussels, out of the shell with a smoked tomato marinere..little bit creamy, little bit spicy. Absolutely amazing. Teatro and Stella have a similar style and both are very good as well.