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Nov 3, 2012 10:45 AM

Heat and time for stuffed squid in oven?

I'm finding quite a lot of mixed opinions on squid. While most agree that you either have to cook it slow or very quickly, I am having trouble finding good information about how long (and how high heat) stuffed calamari should be in oven.

I see pretty much everything from 275 to 350 degrees, from 20 minutes to 1h30min and I have only cooked squid once (and it wasn't stuffed!) so I have no idea which one to test. It's gonna be stuffed with bread, herbs, ham, tentacles, onion and such; nothing too sensitive to overcooking like shrimps or so!

Anyway, as already mentioned I am just not sure which heat and time to pick and everywhere I go, I just keep reading different opinions. Last time I made squid was my first time and it turned out horribly so my family were not too happy when I told them I wanted to cook squid again so I really got to prove myself here! So what do you think?

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  1. Are you dead set on baking them?
    I made a stuffed squid recipe from the Moro cookbook and pre cooked the stuffing (egg, onions and tentacles) and then stuffed the squid and sauteed them.
    They came out very tender.
    Recipe below.

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    1. re: Paprikaboy

      I haven't decided on anything so far!
      Thanks, I'll keep this in mind!

    2. Is there a specific recipe you're working from?

      I do know that unless you're going to quickly grill them (& if your filling is already cooked, you can certainly do that), any "baking" needs to be done with some liquid in the pan - so it really ends up more like a semi-braise. And depending on the size of the squid, 30-45 minutes seems to be the most common amount of time, followed by the "until tender" rule. I'd use one as a sacrifice squid & slice & taste-test while cooking so you know exactly when they're perfectly done. Overcooked squid is a crime.

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        Yeah it's a recipe from some spanish cookbook. It's basically just cook everything, add some egg in the pan at the end, cool, stuff and grill for 6 minutes.

        So basically:
        1) If I am to judge what most comments on the internet says, 6 minutes is a bad method....
        2) I was thinking of just grilling it very quickly but I was thinking there wouldn't be enough time for the filling to heat up so I started searching for some slower cooking methods and....
        3) I was thinking of preparing some tomato sauce and pour it over the squid and cook it in the oven.

      2. We pre-cook the stuffing as well and quickly directly grill the squid. We eat squid often when at our place in Croatia and our favourite preparation by far is grilled. Something else for you to consider! :-)