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Nov 3, 2012 10:22 AM

Brussels Choices

I'm looking for a traditional style restaurant for a Saturday night in Brussels, and am trying to decide between La Belle Maraichere and Aux Armes De Bruxelles. Has anyone had a good or bad meal at either?
I'm thinking of Brunneau for lunch on Sunday. Are there better alternatives for a celebratory lunch?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Dear Brian,

    I strongly recommend you do not go to Armes de Bruxelles. For traditional Belgian bistro food made with fresh products have a look at Henri -
    Bruneau was a classic top notch place that reinvented itself a while ago, it is still good but not very imaginative. You can do much better for a Sunday celebratory lunch. Will you have a car? If so, check
    Enjoy and report back!

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      Thanks so much for the suggestions, and especially for the warning! I'll check out Henri for sure. Unfortunately, we won't have a car so need to stick to fairly central places. We're staying on Place de Brouckere. I don't mind travelling a bit by public transport or taxi to somewhere worthwhile.

      1. re: BrianGilligan

        We ended up in La Belle Maraichere as we arrived late in Brussels and it was very close to our hotel. The food was traditional and very high quality. A Sole meuniere main course was really exceptionally good. The dining room is busy and cramped, and service really went to hell for about an hour when things were busiest. They were simply understaffed. The food really made up for it though, and I highly recommend the place with the caveat about potentially slow service.
        Bruneau was quite good food, though some elements didn't work. e.g. Lobster tempura was great, but clashed with it's accompanying ham and goats cheese roulades (these were good in their own right, but just mismatched with the lobster). A main of pheasant stuffed with foie gras and black truffle was dominated by the foie. The accompanying sauce was great, however. The set menu offers great value at €50 (canapes, amuse bouche, lobster, pheasant, mille feuille), but ordering a la carte would make it overpriced in my view. The wine list was heavy on Bordeaux and Burgundy, with some top class small Burgundian producers featured and was (of course) fairly expensive.