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Nov 3, 2012 10:18 AM

Authentic Roman cuisine in the DC area?

I've been trying out a lot of Italian restaurants in the area lately and I've noticed that all of them lack some sort of authentic Roman cuisine, particularly a good carbonara (without peas and cream). Does anything of the sort exist around here?

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  1. Who makes a carbonara with cream?

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    1. re: Steve

      I think Dino's has served carbonara before but they also serve a lot of venetian/tuscan food

      1. re: msjess

        I doubt Dino uses cream. Carbonara is egg yolks and cheese.

      2. re: Steve

        Just using that as example, but when I mean authentic I mean guanciale, eggs, pecorino romano, and black pepper, nothing else. It just seems that the only place you can get something so simple and executed so perfectly is in Rome or by someone who knows his/her stuff at home. I've only had authentic carbonara once in my time in Rome and I'll never forget it. Unfortunately that means I'll be disappointed constantly and the closest thing to experiencing real Roman cuisine is through the Travel Channel.

        And I'm not just talking carbonara, things like alfredo, amatriciana, their offal dishes like trippo and veal sweetbreads.

        1. re: takadi

          Fiola's lunch menu and their bar menu has cacio e pepe. Jaleo used to have a trippo dish which was was my only reason for going their regularly but that was years ago.

          1. re: shake N baik

            Just took a look a Fiola's lunch menu and the pasta selections look pretty promising. I'll have to give them a try

            1. re: takadi

              If you go to Fiola, you should definitely get the risotto. No matter which version is being offered.

      3. how is primi piatti these days?
        it has been a while since i've been there.