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Nov 3, 2012 09:43 AM

Recipes for Picky Eater

Does anyone know of any recipes for picky eaters?

I don't like cheese, cream, egg yolk, milk ( dairy seems to make me ill), potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, beef, pork, fish or other seafood, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, lemon, nuts and mushrooms.
I like thin fries and pretty much every other veg. The only meat I really eat is chicken. I also like pasta and rice. I have had chicken fajitas, cheeseless chicken pizza, chicken jalfrezi, tacos and spaghetti bolognese and I like them but I'm getting bored of the same things all the time.


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  1. what is it that you don't like about other meats? So is this all texture issues, cheese/cream/milk all make you ill - or just milk? To be honest, I can't really wrap my brain around such pickiness... I hope others have some suggestions for you.

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    1. re: tiffeecanoe

      It isn't the texture, it's the taste of it. But all of them, the cheese/cream/milk makes me feel ill.

    2. Have you tried quinoa? Bulgur? What's your take on tofu? Beans? I'm thinking a good way to branch out might be to try chicken w/something other than rice/pasta and to try some vegetarian meals. Do you like to cook? Need fast ideas? Give me some more info. and I'm sure I can think of some ideas for you . . . I have a 20-minute chicken w/broccoli & bulgur recipe that's healthful & tasty and doesn't seem to run into any of your stated dislikes, for example . . . .


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        I've never heard of quinoa and never tried tofu or bulgur. I usually don't like to spend more than an hour cooking. I don't mind trying things that I havn't before. I also like spicy food. Thanks.

      2. Chicken recipes litter the internet. It's pretty much common to all communities across the world (except for certain African/Caribbean folk who regard it as an unclean meat).

        Another way forward, as you like most vegetables, would be to go down the vegetarian route. Again, internet will find you many recipes.

        I can certainly understand why you're bored with eating such a restricted diet. Must be awful for you. My sympathies.

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        1. re: Harters

          Ditto here.

          Geez, your dining life must be boring as hell. Are all of your dining preferences due to health issues, or just because you frankly don't like trying new things. If the latter, & you're an adult, I find it difficult to believe that you just can't start trying new things outside of your current comfort zone. Saying you simply "don't like" - "potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, beef, pork, fish or other seafood, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, lemon, nuts and mushrooms" is just a little bit juvenile. And I don't say that to be offensive, but just to point out to you that you couldn't even remotely have tried all the various dishes involving these items. With all the different cuisines out there, I think you just haven't taken the time to try.

          But what the heck. As Harters said - My sympathies. Food should be more than just fuel - it should be a celebration of flavors. I doubt anyone here can help you unless you decide to step out of your box.

        2. Wow. Maybe I'm a sucker, but I find it distressing that instead of stepping up and giving this guy some suggestions, Hounds have just lambasted him for being so picky. Sure, life would be easier and more exciting, but I say kudos to john3 for stepping up and asking for some advice. Who knows what Chowhound might lurk inside this picky eater?

          john3 - here's an explanation of what quinoa is: It's a great blank slate for lots of recipes. Here's a good citrusy (orange, no lemon) quinoa salad with chicken:

          Bulgur is also a great, neutral platform for lots of different flavors. It comes in different sizes - I tend to like a coarser bulgur for this chicken, broccoli & bulgur recipe:, but you can use whatever you can get at your local market. This is a 20-minute recipe, and if you won't eat lemon zest, you could try it with orange zest. This recipe is meatless - but has a good amount of protein from chickpeas & bulgur -

          Asian food might appeal to you - no dairy, lots of chicken options, varying spice levels, and might be a good way to try tofu. This Thai Red Curry recipe can be made with chicken or tofu - might be a nice way to try tofu:

          I hope this gives you something to work with . . . you might find that if you start plugging search terms into Google, you'll start to come up with some of your own ideas.


          1. What about chicken sausages? Chicken sausages mixed in various pasta/sauce recipes are tasty as is for toppings w/ pizza, and I think they'd be good in tacos too. They also come in a variety of "flavors" so you get some variation.

            Also I agree w/ Gansu girl that everyone here is being so judgmental. There's plenty of things he can make/eat without including things he doesn't like. Unfortunately this problem seems to run rampant on chowhound... give up the food snobbery people.