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Nov 3, 2012 08:58 AM

Olive Oil Poached salmon - poaching time?

I've had a recipe for olive oil poached salmon put aside and want to try it tonight - but the poaching time is quite short versus other recipes - this one calls for 6 ounce skinless filets poached 4 and 3 minutes per side versus other recipes I've seen that call for 18 minutes or so (at a similar oil temp). Any firsthand experience? We like our salmon pink in the middle if that helps, but we also like it hot. One tip I've read is to bring to room temp first - would that significantly influence the timing? TIA. BTW - here's the recipe

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  1. I just went online and looked at half a dozen recipes. Cooking temp/time varies from as low as 100 for 5 minutes to 180 for 18 minutes. I guess I would split the difference and cook at about 150 for 10 minutes and then take a look at a piece. Or just go with the recipe you have...if it comes out underdone you can always put it back.

    1. Since the recipe already states the conditions for the oil the 2 most important factors to consider are the temp of fish prior to cooking (allow 15 mins. after removing from fridge), and the thickness of filets (average 1.5"). F&W recipe sounds right especially with the carryover heat factor. I've got my eye out for tuna to do a Nicoise-type preparation.

      1. Thanks - will stick to the recipe and report back with pics

        Just made the horseradish broth - whoa! Although next time I think I'd use some homemade fish stock instead of water .... I'm going to make this according to the recipe the first time and see what I would adjust later.

        1. I kept a constant temperature of 150F and cooked the pieces for approximately 9 minutes. The fish had a wonderful texture - like sushi grade salmon with the nuttiness of the olive oil. Not pink in the middle so I will try it again to see what that is like.

          The horseradish broth and julienned vegetable base was also delicious but the entire dish wasn't to our taste - two good ideas, just not together for us.

          Pic here (we didn't worry about presentation -- just a test night!)

          1. Charlie Trotter gives 110°-120° for 5-oz. filets (thickness?) at 9 minutes one side 9 minutes the other, or "until done." That seems way long, even at that low temp.

            Haven't tried it yet.