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Nov 3, 2012 08:14 AM

Rome - natural wine bars

Was hoping to get some recommendations on some good wine bars that focused on more "natural" wine producers. People like Arianna Occhipinti, Josko Gravner and Fulvio L. Bressan. Any suggestions would be great.


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  1. Are you interested in drinking or buying? For drinking, la barrique in monti and bulzoni in parioli are what you are looking for. Add trucchi and les vignerons for buying.

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    1. re: vinoroma

      Mainly drinking. Great suggestions thank you.
      Something I would probably have not found on my own.

    2. Les Vignerons is probably the best. But more centrally located there is also L'Angolo Divino, whicch always has a lot of smaller, natural, wine makers.

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      1. Glad to hear you made it to l"Angolo Divno. One of my favorite places.